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Badoo Review: The Best Application to Meet Singles

Badoo Review: The Best Application to Meet Singles
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 650 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a safe social network to find dates and friends.
  • The app is free to join for everybody.
  • The rate of members’ activity is pretty high.
  • The app is compatible with all mobile devices.
  • The target audience is young men and women.
  • You can access advanced features after purchasing a premium subscription plan.
  • The members look for chatting or casual dates instead of serious relationships.
  • Web design could be better.

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Badoo is an excellent online dating service for young people. You can access it via a desktop platform or a mobile application version. The company belongs to Andrey Andrey, who is a talented businessman from the Russian Federation. The service appeared in 2006 and made a huge furor on the online dating market. The service has nothing in common with transsexual dating sites or other niche-based services. Many people discovered the Badoo app through entertaining Facebook games, tests, and quizzes. The dating service got its independence in 2012 and became a standalone application, which is well-known and widely used in many countries in the world. By continuing to read the Badoo review, you will discover that the main purpose of this platform is to help people connect with each other and enjoy time together. Badoo does not claim to be a traditional dating network. The developer succeeded in presenting a unique social media network, which focuses on dating between like-minded people.

Read How to Accomplish the Registration Process Fast

Read How to Accomplish the Registration Process Fast
  • If you want to register, you have to provide basic information.
  • You must link your social media accounts or complete a phone verification process.
  • A new verified member gets grounded in a blue-colored checkmark.

You can read numerous Badoo reviews online, but here you will find the most specific and compressed info regarding the registration process. To start opening a new Badoo account, you must provide your first name, the exact date of birth, city/village of living, gender, and your dating expectations, such as friendship, chatting, or serious dating. The app asks a new member to add a nice-looking and clear photo. It is not an obligation, and you can skip this step for now and come back to it a bit later. After providing the details, Badoo will send you a link, which you have to press to verify a new account.

After verifying your email address, you are ready to start dating on the Badoo website. Some Badoo reviews do not mention that the registration process is free from tiresome and time-consuming personality tests. The site can find the best matches using other tools, which are even more efficient.

If a new member wants to enjoy all the advantages of his or her new Badoo account, verification is essential. At this point, you have already accomplished the first email verification step. To complete the process, you should link your Badoo account to other social media networks you use regularly. If you do not want to share your social media presence, you can skip this step and use a smartphone to verify your ID. There are many Badoo members who use unverified accounts, yet their access to advanced features is pretty limited. If you finish the two steps of the verification process, the site gives you a blue-colored checkmark, which gets displayed at the bottom side of your profile image.

The Badoo review pays your attention that it is a free dating service. Every registered member can view your profile, and all the added images in your profile are not blurred. It is essential to add at least a single image if you want to get full access to the Badoo dashboard. You will be able to perform plenty of tasks, for example, boost popularity, buy coins, or enjoy playing your favorite games. Note that the Badoo website has a strict verification process of your photo content. If you add fake images, you will get blocked immediately. If you do not know what photo to add, you should check a provided sample photo of a man/woman in the needed poses. Just copy the pose and submit your image to the team.

The Essentials on How to Set Up Your Dating Profile

The Essentials on How to Set Up Your Dating Profile

This section of the Badoo review is about the way you should set up your profile. Unfortunately, users’ profiles lack personal information. The site does not ask you to answer personal questions or undergo long personality tests. However, the developer encourages you to specify your interests from the listing. It would be nice to see thoughts of your potential dates about politics, education, art, or religion. You should clarify these details within a personal correspondence.

The Badoo website wants to encourage all new members to share their eye-catching photos and fulfill all the sections in their profiles. The only solution is to offer a scoring system of profiles. If your profile is complete, you will get a high score, which will influence the dating platform’s visibility. You can initiate a profile rating after sharing three photos. It is fun because all your visitors will view your photo gallery and rate it. You should not rate people only because of their nice-looking appearance. You should see beyond a beautiful face.

The quality of profiles is pretty high, proving that the platform is safe, and the members are real people. Such results are the result of a strict verification process. However, scammers appear from time to time on the Badoo website. Note that the site gets dominated by male users. They take around 70% of the entire demographics. There are some complaints that a user’s profile lacks the features for customization. It is a sign that Badoo is not for people who look for serious love relations. It is obvious that the majority of members pay attention exclusively to eye-catching photos and users’ appearance. It proves that people are interested in hookups mainly or simply chatting. If you look for a love partner, you will never disregard people’s opinions and points of view. It is a pity that young people who mainly use the app neglect the fields where they can share the details about their personalities, interests, and life in general. Badoo focuses on photos content and does not provide enough matching tools to find compatible partners for long-lasting relationships and marriage.

Is It Possible to Filter Badoo’s Members by Common Interests?

Is It Possible to Filter Badoo’s Members by Common Interests?

The auto matchmaking system is not the strongest point of the Badoo website/app. However, every user has the option to filter his or her search results by interest. Additionally, you can filter the online members or specify the search by age, gender, distance from you, etc.

Messaging Features to Know Other Singles Better

The Badoo claims to be a free dating service, so sending messages to other members is possible here. You do not even have to purchase a costly premium subscription plan with advanced services. If you want to start a new conversation session, you have to add a minimum of a single image of yourself. As soon as your dating profile includes an image, you can create your friends’ network and invite them personally for a date or a friendly meeting.

Note that you have the right to send not more than two letters to those Badoo users you have not matched. You can send more letters as soon as your potential date replies to one of them.

When you receive a letter, the site can send you an email or notification if you adjust the needed settings. If you have met an interesting person, the site recommends you add him or her to your favorites list. Communication with strangers can be sensitive on all dating sites, and especially on transsexual dating sites where people express themselves freely. If you meet a person and he/she writes to you something rude or inappropriate, then you should block this person, and you will never receive messages anymore.

Compared to other modern dating apps, the messaging features of Badoo are quite basic. It is a pity that you have a limited number of messages to people who do not like your photos in return. You can just try your luck to grab the attention of people you like. That is why you should make your profile stand out to be sure to receive many likes to and shift back the limitations on messagin. Messaging is the core feature on the Badoo website because it aims to match like-minded men and women. The communication tools are easy and straightforward.

How Can You Filter Badoo Users in Your Area?

The Badoo website offers you the “People Nearby” feature. It is an efficient search tool, which allows you to find potential dates in your area.

Does a Member Can Remove a Private Message?

Most Badoo reviews speak a lot about messaging features, yet it is rare when you can find the instructions on how to delete the needed message on the Badoo website. If you want to remove a certain message from the inbox, you have to press the “Menu” button on the mobile device. Then you should press the needed checkbox, which is just near the message you plan to remove. Finally, you have to press the red-colored “Delete” button to accomplish the task.

How Does Badoo Notify Users About Message Delivery?

How Does Badoo Notify Users About Message Delivery?

The Badoo website/app notifies its members about the delivery status of all sent messages. The rest depends on your potential date. A person has the freedom to read and reply to your letter or read and ignore. You have to respect others. Do not expect all your sent messages to get replied.

Member Search to Find Suitable Partners

One of the Badoo review’s essential parts is how to look for matches on this dating app. Your perfect matches are those members who have voted “Yes for your profile or those who like your shared photos. Also, people participate in “Encounters” and choose their matches there. Alternatively, you have the possibility to view people’s profiles from the “Messages” section. You should not feel shy about initiating a chatting session with people who can become your new friends or dates. As soon as you have matched with a person, you will see a heart-shaped icon.

Badoo website has a special “Lookalikes” feature, which uses your photo to determine like-minded members. As soon as you find an attractive person, you should react fast, not lose the link, and interact closer.

How Does the Badoo’s Auto-Matching Tool Work?

Badoo offers a fun “Encounters” feature, which works as a game. It helps you find matches easily and quickly. The site displays potential matches one after another with an image and brief details about an individual (age, name, and common interests).

If you like the recommended match, you have to press the heart-shaped icon and “X” icon if you want to continue your search for a perfect date. The feature has much in common with another popular app called Tinder. It is allowed to apply different filters to this game and get more precise results regarding age, location, and gender.

Do You Have the Right to Search for Matches in Other Cities?

You can adjust the feature to look for people in other cities, states, or even countries. It is convenient for travelers who like to meet locals in foreign countries and know their culture, traditions, and languages better.

Let’s See the List of Affordable Prices

Let’s See the List of Affordable Prices

What are the free dating services on the Badoo website?

  1. You can access the basic search filters to narrow down the results.
  2. It is allowed to browse profiles without any limits.
  3. You have the right to message paying members.
  4. You can interact with other singles via flirts and private letters.
  5. You can take part in the matching game called “Encounters”.
  6. You can track the section of all your visitors.
  7. The site offers an exclusive search tool called “Lookalikes”.
  8. The provider encourages you to verify your dating profile free of charge.

Badoo Premium Membership:

  • One month’s price is $13.
  • Three month’s price is $32.
  • Six month’s price is $48.

Badoo Premium Credits:

  • 100 credits cost $3.
  • 550 Credits cost $10.
  • 1,250 Credits cost $20.
  • 2,750 Credits cost $40.

What payment options does Badoo accept?

  • Credit Card
  • Mobile Phone
  • PayPal
  • Payment discretion

Badoo protects your privacy, and the bank statement will display something like “Social Online Payments Ltd”. Like this, no one will guess that you use online dating services.

A paid membership will help you enjoy all the available benefits, yet you can use the site/app free of charge.

Why do people purchase Badoo credits? Here is the list of advantages you get with credits:

Why do people purchase Badoo credits?
  • Your profile can get displayed on the top position in the matching/search results.
  • Your profile photo gets included in the tab with all the featured members.
  • Your dating profile will often appear in the “Badoo Encounters”.
  • You can attract many people by sending them virtual gifts.
  • When you chat with people, you have the right to use funny stickers and fun emojis.
  • It is the way to increase the quota in the “Badoo Encounters” up to 5.
  • Other members get the notification that you are online.

Note that it is possible to adjust the settings to get your Badoo credits auto-refilled as soon as they have reached a certain limit.

Special Features to Boost Your Dating Experience

  • Encounters: It is a fun game to find matches.
  • Profile Score: this feature allows other members to score your photo gallery and increase your dating platform’s visibility.
  • Lookalikes: you can set the appearance you like and let the app like similar people.
  • Visits: you can view all the guests of your Badoo profile.
  • Likes: when someone likes your photos or profile, the app sends you the notification.
  • Favorites: you can add people you prefer to communicate with to your favorite list.
  • Virtual Gifts: every user can buy gifts paying with the credits.

The List of Advanced Paid Features

The List of Advanced Paid Features

Here is the listing of the Badoo paid services:

  1. You can view the members who have liked your profile/photos.
  2. It is possible to highlight private messages.
  3. You can track the details of the members who have added you to the favorites list.
  4. It is allowed to get your vote undone within Encounters.
  5. You can browse the Badoo website as an anonymous user.
  6. You have the right to initiate a new chat session with a person you like.
  7. Experience the status of being a featured Badoo member.
  8. It is allowed to send as many “Crush” alerts as you want.
  9. You can boost your visibility and popularity within the community.
  10. Make other members happy by sending them virtual gifts.
  11. You can activate interesting stickers.

The Advantages of Using a Mobile Application

The design of the Badoo application looks well-organized and quite pleasing to the eyes. The user interface is friendly, and the navigation is pretty intuitive. If you compare the desktop version, the Badoo’s app offers more features to entertain the young people’s community. You can use the matching tool to find people who live nearby you. Dating via a mobile app is convenient and gives you the freedom to move around without losing the connection with your new friends and dates. You can download the Badoo app both on the Android and Apple online stores.

The Overview of Web Design and Usability

The Overview of Web Design and Usability

Another essential section of the Badoo review is its web design and usability. Badoo claims to be a social media network that focuses on online dating. If you check the layout, you will find a lot of common points on Facebook and other popular social media networks. However, the web design could get updated by the developer if he wants to stand the competition on the online dating market. As it was already mentioned, users’ profile dashboard is a bit messy and needs more up-to-date design.

As for the usability and accessibility of the principal features, there are no complaints. Badoo is 100% user-friendly. You can log in to the Badoo account in a matter of a few seconds. The dating goes fast and smoothly, even for newbies.

The Badoo website/app has a convenient sidebar menu, which allows all the members to access the needed features with a single touch or mouse click. You will like the simplicity of the layout. Let’s hope that the developer will improve the essential parts at least, adjusting matching fonts and color palette.

Security Measures to Keep the Community Safe

Badoo takes the security of its members seriously. You have the right to report any kind of violators. You have to provide the details for the Customer Support team to act accordingly.

Alternatively, you can directly and press the “Report Abuse” button to the member’s profile. Note that the app will ask you to provide an exact reason for your submitted complaint.

If you notice a problem reaching your profile, it means that a user reported about your actions. You have got suspended for violating the conditions, which are the same for all the community.

Privacy Policy for All the Users

Privacy Policy for All the Users

Every registered member of the Badoo platform has the right to keep its privacy well-protected. If any other member behaves strangely, you can report any violation to the Customer Support team. You will find the “Feedback” page on the official website or app.

Final Expectations on Using This Dating Network

You will have a positive overall impression of using the Badoo website or app. The developer deserves our respect for creating such a handy and affordable social network for connecting single men and women. You will easily find many matches here. However, you should not expect that all the members search for long-term relationships. It is common that people register to the platform to chat or to find dates or hookups. Nowadays, there are many niche-based transsexual dating sites where people are honest in their feelings and dating criteria. Using the “Encounters” game, you will find the most attractive members who will make your life brighter and fun. So, if you look for a date or a friend, you should try either free or paid services of the Badoo platform.

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