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eHarmony Review 2022: App and Site

eHarmony Review 2022: App and Site
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 178 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Well established online dating platform: The website has an ancient and reputed history. Since its launch in 2000, the website instantly became popular among the singles, and since then, it has been growing and evolving continuously. The website mainly targets and provides its services to sophisticated singles looking for partners they can settle down with. The website offers millions of compatible matches every month; and as per many eHarmony reviews and 2013 reports, 4% of all the matches on the website converted into marriages (which was highest for any dating website)
  • Massive user base:? More is the number of users on a platform, the more enhanced will be your chances of finding an appropriate match in a short time. And to witness this, you can give eHarmony a try, which has more than 66 million like-minded singles who have been looking for a long-term relationship partner.
  • Verified user profiles: Although not mandatory, most website users verify their account since it earns them a verification badge. The profiles with a verification badge imply that the profile owners are real users and not scammers, and they are sincerely looking for a partner on the platform. Also, the verification badge makes it easier to differentiate the fake and scam profiles from the real ones.
  • Excellent customer support: The website has a great customer support system that promptly acknowledges the user grievances and tends to provide the solutions as early as possible. You can reach the customer support team from the "Contact Us" section; under this section, you can send direct mail to the team or contact them through the help desk number.
  • Compatibility quizzes: Upon successfully registering on the website, you will have to complete a quiz, which may seem lengthy but has superb matchmaking and security aspects. Any scammer will not bother to go through the lengthy and time-consuming quizzes on an online dating platform; instead, they will choose a target that provides them easy access. That is why eHarmony is not the first choice of the scammers. The website also gathers extensive data related to your sexual and personal preferences through these quizzes. Later, the site matching algorithms use it to find you a compatible and preferred match.
  • View full profiles for free: While most online dating websites allow you to create an account and profile for free, many do not let you view the complete information on a user's profile without upgrading your membership to premium. However, this is not the case with eHarmony, and the website allows you to view the complete profile of a user except the profile picture without charging a single penny for it.
  • A convenient mobile app: The website has developed a great and convenient app for Android and iOS platforms to access the platform on the go through their smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded free of cost from the respective store of the platform.
  • Pocket-friendly premium membership plans: The cost of premium membership plans is pretty nominal for a website with immense popularity and a massive user base. The premium membership provides you access to some of the most exciting and exclusive features that enhance your chances of getting a match; this is why most users upgrade their membership to premium soon as they register on the platform.
  • No interactive features for free members: While many of the major online dating platforms allow its users to use the messaging services for free of cost, eHarmony requires you to upgrade your membership to premium for accessing the messaging services. However, the website allows you to send "flirts" and five sites generated questions free of cost. But such limited options cannot even give you the mere guarantee of getting a real-life date.
  • Lengthy signup process: The signup process (inclusive of profile creation) is a bit more prolonged than signing up on a similar online dating platform. This is because of the extensive quizzes that a user has to go through at registration mandatorily. However, the quizzed aims to gather information about the user's dating, sex, and personal preferences.
  • Not for dynamic and fast-paced individuals: Some people look for quick dating solutions and a fast-moving relationship irrespective of its nature (e.g., serious and long-term, casual, hookup, etc.); but such people won't be pleased with their experience on this website since the platform is explicitly meant for the individuals seeking a serious and long-lasting relationship.
  • Not LGBTQ friendly: Earlier, the website did not provide its services to the users of the LGBTQ community, but after a 2010 lawsuit, the website opened its platform for the LGBTQ community. But many eHarmony reviews tell that the LGBTQ community still does not get acknowledgment from the brand, and all the features, services, and promotions are mainly focused on the dating needs straight community. Most LGBTQ members leave the platform searching for better gay, lesbian, and bisexual dating sites.

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How to Register on the Website?

eHarmony website and app provide you TWO options to register on the website, i.e., either using an email account or joining through a Facebook account. Both the procedures take almost the same time to finish the registration, and it may take up to 20 minutes to complete the signup. The registration process may be lengthier than most other dating platforms. Still, the outcome is also worth it since the whole registration process gathers all the essential user information to provide them with the best services and match recommendations.

To join using an email account, you will first have to select your gender and the gender of your preferred matches; following this; you will receive two options. The first option will require you to enter your email address and select an appropriate password for your account. Enter the desired details and click on the Join Now button. As soon as you click on the Join Now button, you will be redirected to its quizzes page.

To join using a Facebook account, select your gender, and your preferred matches gender and click on the “Join using Facebook” button. Next, you will be redirected to the Facebook login page, enter your username/email and password to log into your Facebook account, and provide eHarmony with permission to access your basic information and profile picture by clicking on the “Allow” button. Once done, you will be again redirected to the website. All your basic information and profile pictures will get imported from your Facebook account.

Regardless of your signing-up method, you will have to complete the quizzes to complete the registration process on eHarmony. The quizzes will contain questions that will ask you some hypothetical questions to collect your personal, sexual, and dating preferences. The website will later use this data and your demographics to find you the most compatible matches.

Is It Easy to Set-Up a User Profile?

Is It Easy to Set-Up a User Profile?

User profiles on the website are very extensive and create lumpsum information about the profile’s owner. The process of setting up the user profile begins right after you complete the registration, and it may be a bit overwhelming for a casual dater seeking quick dating solutions. The process consists of extensive quizzes that are aimed at gathering your preferences, choices, and interests. The quizzes try to collect information on the following aspects of your personality:

  • Physical and emotional intimacy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Relationship, social, and religious values
  • Agree with Ability
  • Extraversion
  • Altruism
  • Affectional and intellectual characteristics
  • Accommodations
  • Romance and exclusivity
  • Inclination towards sports and athletics

There is a separate tab on every user’s profile that consists of the user’s answers to the quizzes; by referring to these answers, you can quickly get to know the user’s moral values and interests. This section will also help you in determining the compatibility of the user’s personality type with yours.

Can You Sort Users in Relevance of Interests on eHarmony?

You cannot sort the match recommendations based on your interests and preferences. However, the website does allow you to use a basic search tool under the “Discover” tab, where you can apply a few parameters, including gender, age group, distance, etc. to look for the most preferred and compatible profiles. The website also allows you to save your searches for easy access in the future.

Messaging Services on the Platform

Messaging Services on the Platform

The full messaging services are available to premium members only, and even premium members do not get any exclusive interactive features like video chat or voice calling. Text messages are the only way for the users to connect with other members on the eHarmony website and app. The free users have minimal access to the messaging services on the platform. They can use the messaging services to send FIVE favorite sites generated questions for free of cost, far from enough to get a partner on the platform.

How to Know If a Member Removed You From Their Matches on eHarmony?

There is no specific way of knowing if a member has removed you from their matches list, but if you cannot find the member’s profile in your matches list, it may mean that the user has removed you from their matches since you can only view the profiles of your matches. However, not seeing a user’s profile may also imply that they have either blocked you or deleted their account from the website.

Can You Delete Chats on the Website?

eHarmony allows you to delete the conversation with a user by choosing the delete option under the menu located inside a chat.

Do You Get Read Receipts for the Messages You Sent on eHarmony?

The website does not use read receipts to let its members know if the recipient has read a message. The only way to see if your message has been read is to respond from the recipient.

How to Search for Members?

How to Search for Members?

The website has a basic search tool available to all irrespective of the type of their membership type, i.e., free or premium. The basic search tool allows you to use some basic search tool parameters to narrow your search for the most preferred matches. These search filter parameters include:

  • Gender: You can manually choose the gender of your prospective match on the website.
  • Age: You can manually set up the age range of your prospective matches on the website.
  • Location: You can manually decide the distance range of your prospective matches from your location. However, you cannot change your location to find matches virtually from a different location.
  • Body type: You can also manually select the body type of the user.
  • Username/ email/ name: If you are certain about a user’s name/ email address/ name, you can manually search for the user by entering their credentials.

Aside from the parameters cited above, you can also use a few additional parameters, such as profiles with pictures, religious background, and beliefs, etc.

How Do Matching Algorithms Work on eHarmony?

The matching algorithms of the eHarmony website are designed in a very sophisticated manner. They use the information you provide at the registration time by answering the extensive quizzes to find you the most compatible match suggestions. The website also uses geolocation data of the member to provide match recommendations in the user’s locality. The matching algorithms are very efficient and reliable and also provide highly relevant match recommendations.

Can You Switch Your Search Location on eHarmony?

The website does not allow you to virtually switch your location to broaden the scope of finding a match. However, you can manually switch your location by traveling to new places.

Premium Membership Costs and Prices

Premium Membership Costs and Prices

The premium membership plans on the eHarmony website are very pocket friendly. Therefore, most users on the platform prefer to upgrade their membership to premium to use the website at its full potential. You can subscribe to one of the following premium membership plans on the website:

Duration Cost per month Total
Six months 10.98 USD/month 65.90 USD
One year 1.91 USD/month 22.95 USD
Two years 0.75 USD/month 17.95 USD

Distinctive Features of the Platform

eHarmony website hosts some of the most exciting and exclusive features that help users find a match very quickly without wasting much of their time and effort. Some of the prominent features of the website are:

  • Site generated questions: The website allows its users to send five site generated questions to their matches to start a conversation. This feature is available to free users as well.
  • Send wink: You can send a link to a user by clicking on the smiley icon on the user’s free profile. It is a great way to express your interest in a user.
  • Add to favorites: You can make a list of your most preferred matches by adding their profile to your favorites list.
  • What if: This premium feature provides you with 30 user profiles that do not match your user preferences. It allows you to explore the profiles out of your preference.
  • Mobile-friendly: The eHarmony website is user friendly, and you can easily access it from any mobile device. However, the brand has also developed an app for Android and iOS users.

Premium Features of the Website

The premium membership on the website provides you with access to the following services and features:

  • View photos of the users
  • See who added you to their favorites list.
  • See who visited your profile.
  • Unlimited messaging options
  • Browse profiles anonymously
  • Get 30 daily matches outside of your preference.

Mobile Application And Its Functionalities

eHarmony has developed an app for Android and iOS devices, which is available to download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has excellent ratings on both the stores and performs excellently on Android and iOS devices with similar features and services as its web counterpart.

Additional Features of the Platform

eHarmony website has many other features and functions that set it apart from the regular online dating websites. These features are specifically designed to deliver higher user satisfaction and an engaging experience. The website is easily accessible and has an excellent user-friendly interface to which any user can get accustomed to in no time.

Safety & Security Standards

Safety & Security Standards

User safety and security are of utmost importance to the eHarmony website. They ensure that the user safety remains intact by employing the best practices to secure user data such as SSL 9secured socket layers) servers, 3DES technology. They follow all the safety & security protocols. eHarmony also empowers its users to block and report an abusive member.

User Privacy on the Website

eHarmony maintains user privacy and never discloses its users’ data to any third party for whatsoever reason. Also, the website has been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal for compliance with all TRUSTe’s privacy policies.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

With its extensive and efficient matching algorithms, the site successfully delivers the best results to its users. Most of the eHarmony reviews indicate that the platform is best suited for marriage-minded singles. eHarmony, without a doubt, is one of the most reliable online dating platforms for singles.

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