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SwingLifeStyle Review: Outstanding Dating Platform for Swingers

SwingLifeStyle Review: Outstanding Dating Platform for Swingers
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 150 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Members have ample of feature to enjoy.
  • Lifetime membership option.
  • Robust matching algorithm.
  • Extensive search filters.
  • Comprehensive profiles.
  • No app for iOS.
  • Communication features are not free.

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In the swinger dating sites, polyamory is a unique relationship choice which most of the dating platform overlooked. SwingLifeStyle is among the few dating websites that provide a platform to cater to members seeking polyamory relationships. Many amazing features earn SwingLifeStyle its popularity in the swingers community. Let’s discuss each quality in detail in this SwingLifeStyle review.

SwingLifeStyle has been working effectively and productively in the dating industry for more than 15 years. In all these years, the site has progressed continuously with the modern world. The members on the website are active for a niche dating website. No matter what time you visit, you may find many members online ready to start communication.

SwingLifeStyle is not only a dating platform; it’s a strong community where swingers meet and connect without any criticism or judgemental stare. Swingers Lifestyle is a taboo subject in conventional dating society. Members in the streamline dating websites provide a hostile environment to those with unconventional sexual preferences. SwingLifeStyle aims to provide these non-conventional sexual preference members a platform to seek members who are willing to participate in their fantasies. The site offers ample options for swingers to engage in different sexual activities.

When it comes to registration SwingLifeStyle website has a lengthy registration process to have a deep understanding of members personality and sexual preferences. The site is all about sexual pleasures; that’s why you may find many sexual questions to assess members’ intentions in the bedroom. Members can indulge in many sexual activities, including orgies, threesome, partner swapping, etc.

The site is not only about dating many other engaging tools that Keep the members engaged on the site—some of the features like vacation tours, events, sexual stories, etc. Members can interact through forums and blogs, which allow them to share their experiences and give the newcomers insight into the swinger community. SwingLifeStyle is an amazing platform where members can interact through different mediums with like-minded users.

Comprehensive Registration Process for Detailed Information

Comprehensive Registration Process for Detailed Information

As its unique theme, SwingLifeStyle also differs from the short registration form tradition. The site requests it’s members to fill up some detailed information, which will help find potential matches. Most of the information provided at the time of registration is part of your profile. However, you cannot skip all the info. There are some mandatory fields without which you cannot complete registration. To start, one of the drawbacks of the SwingLifeStyle is you cannot opt for the easy route by signing up with your social media account. The site still operates in the old fashioned way of an email address.

The first part of the registration is basic information which has the same format as other dating sites. The first section is your profile name. Be creative in writing this section because it will be visible at the top of your profile. Choose something unique and exciting that catches your visitors’ eye. It should give a glimpse of your sexual fantasies or fetishes or what you seek on the site.

Write a secure password that will be used to log in on the site. Write your password somewhere safe, so you don’t forget it or go through the failed password procedure. The next section is about gender as a unique dating platform; SwingLifeStyle allows members to join as couples, male or female. The couples in the site could be of any gender as the site has not mentioned what gender a team should be.

SwingLifeStyle has an age restriction of 18 years old, which is non-negotiable because of the dating service’s adult nature. Type the number in the image for security purposes and check the box for an agreement’s terms and conditions. Once done with all the information, click on the Create Account tab, and complete the first part of your registration.

The second and third part of registration is part of the profile, which will be discussed further in detail with the profile set up. Make sure you validate your account on the SwingLifeStyle website to use all the features on the site.

Profile Set-Up to Let Members Know About Your Preferences

Profile Set-Up to Let Members Know About Your Preferences

The profile of the SwingLifeStyle is comprehensive for the benefits of users and the website. An incomplete profile never attracts many users, so it is advised to fill all the information to increase your response rate. You can either complete all the information during your registration process or complete it later in your profile. However, some fields are mandatory to complete for the registration process to finish. The profile of the SwingLifeStyle website has four sections.

  • Password
  • Location
  • Preference
  • About Me


In this section, key members change their password, name, and email address. The information is filled from the registration process. Change your password by typing the new one and click on the update button.


You can change your location anytime on the SwingLifeStyle website. Just add another location with your city name and postal code and click on the update.


The preference section include five-section

The pleasure you are seeking.

It’s an important part of your profile because you will find matches based on your preferences. You have three option to choose:


You can prefer this option if you want to have timid sexual pleasure, such as meeting people at some nude beaches and having sexual activities with your partner.


If you want to level up your sexual experience but not too extreme, Soft is a perfect choice. You can enjoy some oral pleasure and other activities that do not include intimate moments with anyone other than your partner.


If you want to have full sexual experience with other partners, Full is your best bet.

All three preferences have five options. No, a little, maybe, definitely, and yes. Choose the right one that describes your preference level.

A little about yourself

A little about yourself

Mention some of your details, so members get an idea about your physical appearance and Lifestyle. Include information like height, weight, and exact age.

Check or check the boxes for smoke and drink. Choose your sexual orientation for bi, straight, and bi-curious.

What are you seeking?

There are three questions with options to get an idea of what kind of matches you seek on the dating platform. The first one is about your interest in the couple; the second and third one is about your interest in single women and men. Your choices are, yes, maybe, a little and no interest. You have one more option to block profiles that will not show such faces. You can choose no interest but still see the profiles of the members.

Ages you prefer

You can mention the ages that turn you in sexually mention the youngest and the oldest age. It will give an age range to the site for finding members.

Smoke or drink preference

The last section is to ask you whether you prefer matches that drink or smoke. Your options are you don’t care; you won’t date people who drink/smoke, and you will date people who drink or smoke.

About You

This section has five tabs that explain your personality.

The first section is about a short tag line which people will see when they view your profile.

Give details about what you are seeking on the site and explain your preferences in detail to give a clear image. As the SwingLifeStyle says, don’t just say Sex nobody is going to respond to that.

Describe yourself, and you have a limit of 4000 characters in which you can explain your personality and qualities in detail. Give some comprehensive information about yourself, which gives members an idea of what to expect.

You give some details about your fantasies in real-life sexual experience. You may find someone with the same experience for fantasies. The last section is any additional information you want to add to your profile.

Members can upload their pictures through the Tool tab for the side menu. The pictures can be organized into private and public galleries.

Is It Possible to Filter Search on Terms of Interest on SwingLifeStyle?

Yes, members can filter their search on the SwingLifeStyle website based on sexual interest. Members can choose between Watch, Soft, and Full preferences or check all to search members accordingly.

Outstanding Messaging Features to Interact With Members

Outstanding Messaging Features to Interact With Members

Already mentioned in the SwingLifeStyle review that the site is progressing continuously, and the message feature of the site is one such example. Recently two new tabs have been added to your homepage Message and the Archived Mail. The site has changed its Message system and redefined the whole layout. If members want to send a message, they are taken to the new layout. Only paid members to have the luxury to use the Instant Message service of the site. The flying bird on your homepage will take you to the Message tab to find all your new and old messages.

Besides messages, there are other communication mediums for members to interact with. The first one is the forums where members can participate in different discussions and find new members to communicate or interact. You can also write an article to benefit others with the information you have. Members also enjoy publishing their sexual or erotic stories on the site. These stories are equally enjoyable for readers.

These stories are an impressive way to introduce yourself to the community members who can reach out to you if they find your information interesting. There is an Event section for the SwingLifeStyle members where they can find events in their vicinity. You can find many events from partner swapping to bondage parties. You can also keep your events organized with an online diary.

How to Delete Chat From the Inbox?

Members can easily delete their chat in SwingLifeStyle by clicking on the delete button at each chat’s bottom right.

How to Know If a SwingLifeStyle Message Has Been Read?

SwingLifeStyle offers extensive chat and message features; however, the site doesn’t have any option to read receipts.

Search Filters to Find Members on the Website

SwingLifeStyle has a comprehensive search tab where members can customize their match through different filters. The filters on the search tool include:

Gender: you want to seek a couple single make or female on the SwingLifeStyle website

Age range: you can mention an age range from 18 to 99

Sexual orientation: choose the sexual orientation of straight men or women from straight, bi-curious, and bi.

Preferences: check the sexual preference you want to seek on the site and the option includes watch, soft and full.

  • Show recent members or all
  • Show profiles with notes or without
  • Tick the box if you want to conceal the profile you are not interested to see
  • Mention the distance range from 15 miles to 1000 miles
  • Check the box if you want to see profiles that smoke or drink
  • Select the boxes to see members that are paid, certified and have pictures

How SwingLifeStyle Match Members on the Website?

How SwingLifeStyle Match Members on the Website?

The comprehensive profile system of SwingLifeStyle makes it possible to find the best matches on the site. It’s recommended to complete your profile so the site matching algorithm can find potential matches according to your preferences.

Members can also find members through different search filters according to their preferences. The extensive search filters allow members to search through ages, sexual preferences, distance, etc. Moreover, there are specific tools or features on the SwingLifeStyle that help members to find new members. A hot Date is a fantastic tool through which you can see events and dates on your calendar. You can let others know on which date you are available for some fun. Members available on the same date connect to have some pleasurable time if their preferences meet.

How Can You Search Members From Different City on SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle has an amazing search filter that all members can search according to their preferences. The last section on the search is the location in which you can add your designated city name or postal code. You don’t have to add the state name. If you are looking for Canadian members, enter only the first three characters of the postal code.

Detail Cost Structure and Subscription Plan

SwingLifeStyle provides many free features, including searching, matching, creating profiles, and registration. However, to use full features of the site, especially the communication tools. There is one unique fact about the membership of SwingLifeStyle that makes it unique among dating sites. Read the SwingLifeStyle review on swinger dating sites to know all the details about this exclusive feature.

To pay for the premium features on the site, SwingLifeStyle has many options for subscription. The cost for a one-month subscription on the site is about 14.95 USD. If you want to extend your subscription to three to six months, the cost will be 29.95 USD and 49.95 USD. There is an extended plan for one year, which costs only 69.95 USD for a year, affordable compared to other dating sites.

Now for the most exclusive feature of the site, which is the lifetime membership. Imagine a lifetime membership with all exclusive features and no headache of renewals. Heaven of sexual pleasure, right! The lifetime membership of the SwingLifeStyle cost only 149.95 USD.

Special Features That Make the Website Unique

When it comes to features, SwingLifeStyle has a long list of features on the left navigation bar. You can select them from the menu whichever feature you want to use.

Hot Date

It’s a fantastic feature that lets members advertise their free dates on the calendar provided on the site. Suppose you are free on a particular day and want to find someone to have a pleasurable time. You can find single or multiple members ready to join your fetishes or sexual fantasies.


It’s the best of the SwingLifeStyle that helps members to meet personally. SwingLifeStyle hosts events or lets the group members host or advertise their events. Members can join these events through an invitation from the site and mingle with thousands of swingers in their local area. You can find many couples or singles with similar sexual fetishes ready to have a fun time.



SwingLifeStyle has its Travel Agency names as Topless Travel. The agency plan cruise trips, private house parties, and other sex parties for the members. The trips are exclusive for the members of the SwingLifeStyle. They could be of the extended period for a week to one day or night events. Members join the event to have some fun vacation time where they can find new members.

Clubs or Groups

SwingLifeStyle websites have different clubs and groups where members can join the one that suits their preferences. You can chat with group events and enjoy some fun time exploring the swinger world.

Swinger Clubs

SwingLifeStyle is an amazing place to advertise a swingers club in the community. Members can seek a club in their area by clicking on the Club tab. SwingLifeStyle encourages members to upload their clubs so people can join them for some private sexual time. All the clubs available on the site are accepted for their discreet environment to respect their privacy.


SwingLifeStyle not only provides visual entertainment to its memebrs, but it also has a market where memebrs can purchase sex toys. The site has sexual lubes and toys for all members on the site.

Sex Stories

Members can share their real sexual experience or fantasy stories. It’s a great way to publicize yourself on the platform and make your profile noticeable among members. The stories on the site are engaging and addictive for those who love to read erotica literature.

Premium Members Features on the Dating Website

SwingLifeStyle has some exclusive features which make the experience of the said members pleasurable. The paid features in the site include:

  • View members profiles
  • Search profiles with extensive filters
  • Block members
  • Use the Hot Date feature to find dates
  • Join the forum and participate in the discussion
  • Subscribe for affiliate membership
  • Send mail to members
  • Video calls in instant messenger
  • Video calls in group chat
  • Advertise clubs
  • Create a group
  • View nude pictures
  • View private pictures
  • Rate clubs on the site

Lifetime membership

  • Approved new members on the site
  • Approve public images on the platform
  • Approve personal pictures in the site
  • First to know about all the upgrades and new features

Mobile Application Available for Android Devices

Mobile Application Available for Android Devices

Swinglifestyle has had an exclusive app since 2013, after the high demand from the members. The app has all the details of the website. Members can register through the app and explore all the features from messages to events and forums. The outlook of the app is similar to the website with the same purple and white background. At present, the app is only accessible in the Android play store. IOS users can use their apps on their browsers of smartphones.

Member Base and Video Chat Feature

Swinglifestyle website does not have huge members like other streamline dating websites; however, it’s considerable to find like-minded members. It’s a community where members can find couples and singles of similar sexual preferences. Most of the audiences are from the US, Germany, and Australia. The best part is the active member base at all times. You can find online members, no matter what time you sign up.

The interface of the website is simple, which makes it easy to use. All the features are neatly organized on the side variation var. Click on the features, and the site will direct you to your designated place without any complication.

You can not only seek people for some sexual fantasies. Many other exclusive features let members enjoy their time in the site, such as travel, stories, events, and forums, etc.

Members can communicate through email and chats. However, recently, SwingLifeStyle has introduced the video chatting feature, allowing members to video call on IM and group chats.

Security Measures to Provide Members Safety Blanket

SwingLifeStyle gives priority to its members’ security and privacy. All the messages and chat are encrypted to keep the identities of the members declared. The SwingLifeStyle reviews show that members are comfortable with the severity measures of the site and do not hesitate to expose their darkest desires. There is an extensive FAQ section that answers all questions if the members thoroughly.

Privacy Policy to Conceal the Identities of Members

The site has a comprehensive privacy policy that helps members answer their questions. SwingLifeStyle makes sure all their client’s information is vaulted from the outside world.

Final Thoughts About the Dating Website Review

Final Thoughts About the Dating Website Review

SwingLifeStyle review reveals that the site is a fantastic addition in the swingers community. It not only provides a platform where members can connect but also offer some outstanding services which help members exploring the swinger world in depth. Whether you seek a partner for some swinger activities or explore your sexual preference, SwingLifeStyle is your go-to site on swinger dating sites to have a fantastic experience.

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