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Tagged Review: Efficient App and Website to Find Love Partners

Tagged Review: Efficient App and Website to Find Love Partners
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • 1. Free members can access handy features.
  • 2. Every user has the option to send customized tags.
  • 3. There are plenty of young people on the platform.
  • 1. The geo-location system should be improved.
  • 2. Weak user privacy and the risk of getting spam.
  • 3. The matchmaking system is too simple.

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Tagged is a unique online space for meeting new people. It appeared in 2004 and was a big success from the very beginning. The idea belongs to a couple of talented entrepreneurs Johann Schleier-Smith and Greg Tseng. The platform differs a lot from traditional dating or transsexual dating sites. The developers wanted to create a space for young people, something like Yahoo, MTV, or even something bigger. The Tagged website belongs to The Meet Group and hosts more than 300 million registered members from different countries. The primary goal of Tagged is to work as a social media networking platform to help young folks to connect and find sincere love and friendship. The friendly community keeps on growing continuously. Even such giants as Facebook or Instagram could stop its success and love of people.

Easy and Intuitive Registration Process to Enter the Site

  • The site allows you to search for already existing email contacts with registered Tagged accounts.
  • In order to sign up, you have to undergo an email verification process.
  • You have to provide a single profile photo to get accepted to the community.
  • You can speed up the registration process by linking your Facebook/Google accounts.

The process of registration on the Tagged website is relatively easy and will not take much time. The site asks a new member to provide general info, such as his/her name/nickname, gender, country of living, active email, and a single profile photo. As soon as you fulfill the mentioned details, your Tagged account gets activated immediately. The next step is to check your email inbox for the send verification process. You can verify your email by copy/paste this code. Now you have the right to access all the features of the Tagged website. As a standard member, you should start browsing your Tagged feed for exciting and eye-catching posts, playing fun online games, and enjoying messages of your new virtual friends and potential dates. If you feel like providing extra details to let the community know you better, you can always update your dating profile.

An Easy Way to Set Up Your Dating Profile Correctly

An Easy Way to Set Up Your Dating Profile Correctly
  • It is allowed to use fun animated GIFs as your profile avatar.
  • You have the option to include a YouTube, which will get displayed on your profile side.
  • There is an opportunity to modify our profile theme by pressing a “Skin”.
  • You can interact with interesting people with actions on users’ profiles.
  • The majority of Tagged members do not have detailed profiles.
  • Every user can edit his/her profile later.
  • Your added profile image is public to the entire community.

If you want to make your profile image more alive, you should go to the internet and find the GIF you like. It is desirable to choose creative themes that fit your personality, temper, and your personal taste. The Tagged website offers plenty of pre-made themes under the “Skins” features. You should check the collection and choose the one you like. Otherwise, if you want to demonstrate your talent, you can compose your exclusive theme. The site provides all the needed tools for modifying the theme’s header, fonts, background, etc. The available skins get divided into several categories, such as basic colors, sports, nature, etc. You will never find a similar feature on other traditional or even niche-based transsexual dating sites. The developer does not recommend to use too distracting GIFs or fonts which are not clearly seen. They will make the eyes of your profile visitors tired very soon.

Is It Allowed to Filter Other Tagged Members by Common Interests?

The Tagged website offers a simple yet pretty efficient search tool with filters. That is why it is not a problem to find single men and women by your common interests. It is always better to make new contacts and have something in common to speak about during your first conversation or meeting in real life.

The Art of Using the Messaging Features

  • The site has a feature of tagged messaging.
  • The matching results get displayed via the game called “Meet Me”.
  • Even non-paying members have the right to send and read private letters.

All Tagged users can enjoy sending and receiving free letters within the community. You can communicate within the platform without purchasing a costly premium subscription plan. Note that Tagged is not like old-school or transsexual dating sites, where meetings and hookups seem to be the top priority. The site sends you daily matches, yet you can see that it is not the first thing on the homepage. The majority of members prefer to follow the feed where they can see people’s updates, interesting posts, and photo content. You can adjust your feed and set it to receive updates from your best friends only. It is not complicated to set your dating preferences.

How Can You Check Whether a Potential Match Lives in Your Area?

How Can You Check Whether a Potential Match Lives in Your Area?

The Tagged website allows you to filter potential matches by the distance from your place of living. You should use this filter in order to find people who want to meet you in real life. It will save your time on long and costly trips, in case you want to find a love partner on this dating platform.

Does the Site Allow to Delete Private Messages?

It will be the best if you launch the process by loading the Tagged inbox screen. You can see several checkboxes on the left side of every private message. You have to tick the needed box for deleting it. Now you have to scroll down and press the “Delete Checked” option. The app allows you to remove all messages at one time. So, you have to tick a box at the top side of the entire column in order to check the entire listing by default. It will save your time. You should review all the messages before deleting them forever.

Does the Site Provide a Message Delivery Status to Free Members?

The Tagged website/app sends you notification only when a user has sent you a new message or likes your posts. Otherwise, the message delivery/read status is not available on this online dating platform for free members. In a way, it is a way to keep kind of intrigue while waiting for a reply from the person you like and want to make friends. Everything is like in real life.

The Way You Can Start Searching for New Members

This part of the Tagged review speaks about the members search. Unfortunately, you will not find advanced filters for both paying and non-paying members. The principal of the search is basic. You have to set the right criteria and mention them when you want to look for other singles. The most popular search filters are age, country, gender, interests, etc.

How Does the Tagged Matching Feature Work?

If you want to see the regular listing of potential dates, which gets updated every single day, you have to refer to the special tab. Unfortunately, the auto-matching mechanism is too simple. However, you can still filter people by their gender, county of living, the proximity of your area, age, etc.

How Is It Possible to Look for Tagged Members From Different Cities?

You will not find many Tagged reviews on the internet. That is why you are lucky to find all the needed details here. So, if you want to meet Tagged members who live in other cities, you should mention it in your dating criteria and apply the needed location search filter. This option can be used if you’re going to travel and want to meet the locals for fun.

Take a Look at Average Costs and Prices

Take a Look at Average Costs and Prices

Tagged offers many free services:

  • You can open a new account/profile.
  • You have no limits in browsing profiles of other members.
  • You get access to the “Meet Me” feature to have daily matches updates.
  • You can send as many private letters as you want.
  • It is allowed to like posts of other members and even write comments.
  • You can play a fun game called “Play Pets”.

Tagged Premium Membership:

  • One Month Plan: $10.
  • Three Months Plan: $21.
  • Six Months Plan: $30.

Tagged Gold Membership:

  • 2,500 Credits will cost you $5.
  • 10,000 Credits will cost you $10.
  • 25,000 Credits will cost you $20.
  • 75,000 Credits will cost you $50.
  • 200,000 Credits will cost you $100.
  • 400,000 Credits will cost you $200.

The services of using paid membership of Tagged is averagely priced.

You can buy the plan or coins using one of the following ways: Credit Card, PayPal, Mobile Phone, Online Transfer, or Amazon Pay.

The Tagged platform allows its clients to cancel the auto subscription via the official website. You can do it under the “Account” section. Alternatively, you can do the same via iOS/Android application stores. The advantages of your Tagged premium subscription plan are obvious. It allows you to check all the people who visited your profile or get the priority customer service reply. If you want to get extra features in the “Pets” game, you should purchase credits.

The Listing of Really Exclusive Features on the Site/App

The Listing of Really Exclusive Features on the Site/App

The Tagged platform offers many handy features to have a fun and efficient experience. However, there are two special features that make this service exclusive and not like the rest. This Tagged review will not be complete without a proper explanation of the “Pets” and “LUV” features. Read the description below:

  • Pets

“Pets” is a fun game of Tagged, which allows you to purchase and sell other users’ pets. Other members can do the same to you in return. In the beginning, your starting value is around 12 million Qd, which is the currency in this Tagged game. If you want to purchase a member, you will have to pay 0.01 Qd. It is straightforward for both you and others. In order to increase your value, you have to buy as many pets as possible. There is no other way to get extra cash. You have to work hard on increasing your value. As soon as any member buys you, it will increase your value to 10% automatically. It is a primary trade game that will bring a lot of fun and will help you make new contacts with the entire community. You should play this game regularly if you do not want your achieved value to decrease.

  • LUV

LUV is another popular feature of the Tagged website. It works as virtual gifts, which you can receive or present to other registered members on the platform. Note that according to the general rules, every member receives10 LUVs per day. The point is to earn as many points as possible by giving or receiving LUVs. The provider claims that every time you share LUV with someone, he or she receives some extra LUVs for further spreading within the community. Your profile has a special bar where you can see all newly received LUVs. You should pay attention to how the bar is fulfilling. It is a way to become popular on the platform and share your achievements with other members.

Now, let’s take a look at paid Tagged services you can access after purchasing a membership:

  • You get access to the “Likes you” listing.
  • There is an option to see all visitors to your profile.
  • It is the magic key to get access to the most popular members.
  • There is an option to read people’s receipts.
  • You have all the needed tools to get in contact with new members.
  • You get the VIP Customer Support.

Mobile Applications Makes Life More Flexible

Mobile Applications Makes Life More Flexible

You can access the services of the Tagged platform not only through the desktop version but via an app. It is interesting to know that more than half of all registered members prefer using the mobile application. It works the same as the website but gives you the freedom to move. You can find the app on the official Apple and Google stores. The app has four stars, which is a good rate for a dating app. If you check the official statistics, the number of the app’s downloads is more than ten million.

If you compare the application with the desktop version, the application has a real dating atmosphere. The top feature is “Meet Me”, which is not so highlighted in the desktop version. So, if you are interested in dating, you should choose the mobile app version. Those who are focused on entertainment and playing the games should set the priority for the Tagged website. By checking numerous Tagged reviews, it is obvious that the design of the application looks more stylish and well-organized compared to the site version. You have the possibility to get your profile customized thanks to the “Skins” feature only in the desktop version. If you view profiles in the app, you will see only standard fonts and white background. As for the functions, they get arranged properly in the app. Unfortunately, we can’t claim the same thing for the desktop version, where they look jam-packed.

Other Details That Make the Site Stand Out

By reading this Tagged review, you have learned all the features. Now, it is time to check its appeal. As you know, all successful dating websites and apps pay extra attention to their web design and usability. The structure of the site deserves to get improved a lot. The developer failed to organize all the main features in a neat manner. The developer should think about its clients and do everything possible for their comfort and high expectations. If the site does not want to lose its clients, a big improvement has to be made as soon as possible. The Tagged website is packed with many games, which make it pretty attractive to the young generation. At the same time, such games spoil the dating atmosphere. In fact, Tagged looks like a social media network, which offers its services to men and women at the age of 18 and higher. As soon as you reach the homepage, you get attacked with potential dates, never-ending pets the site offers you to buy via the “Pets” game and constant message/activity updates from other Tagged members. Such a vast amount of information makes you feel tired and overwhelmed very fast. Note that some members break the rules and write posts or share photo content, which may lead you to pornographic sites. It’s one of the main explanations of why the Tagged website does not allow minors to join the community anymore. The level of monitoring, as well as censorship, is low compared to other dating platforms.

Security Measures Need Much Improvement Here

In general, you do not risk creating a new account with the Tagged website/app. If you want to protect your privacy, the site allows you to adjust the general settings and switch your account to the “Friend Only” mode. It is an efficient way to get rid of any kind of unwanted contact within the platform. If you prefer to use your Facebook account to sign up on Tagged, you can use the “Friend Only” option tool. It is essential to get the main privacy settings updated within the Tagged account settings.

The Importance of Privacy Policy on the Public Platform

You should know that when you register a new account with the Tagged website/app, all the privacy settings get set as public by default. You should provide your personal details carefully, because every user can view your public profile. Everybody has the right to contact you via the messaging feature. You must be careful of all the possible risks every time when you can use a dating, transsexual dating sites, or other kinds of social media networks. Always spare some time to read privacy settings carefully.

Conclusion About Popular Dating Site for the Young Generation

You can read plenty of different Tagged reviews on the internet. You’ll find both positive and negative reviews and feedback. Hopefully, you have all the needed info here. It is not easy for the provider to stand the competition when people of all ages choose Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, and other social media networks. The service has many strong points and some weak ones as any online dating resource. You should try this popular website for social discovery. It is your first step into the dating industry. You will have a positive dating experience because the service is user friendly and pretty entertaining. You will find entertaining games, as well as new potential dates, which can become your big love. As for the official Tagged customer help, it is substandard and works fast only with premium members. If you are not limited in money, you should upgrade your account and try the premium package. The site is more serious than niche-based and other transsexual dating sites. If you are tired of old-school dating platforms, where all the members are too serious and think only about getting married, try this service. You can be sure it will not disappoint you. You will make your free time pass with joy, fun, and excellent results in terms of online dating. Both the site and the app can be a good alternative to Facebook or Instagram, which have taken all the online space. So, Tagged is one of the best solutions to you if you are into dating and games.

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