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OkCupid Review: Everything to Know About This Dating Platform

OkCupid Review: Everything to Know About This Dating Platform
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 3 201 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The major functionalities are free.
  • OkCupid has a mobile app which is available on the Google Play store and the App Store.
  • Members get instant, and many match suggestions after signup.
  • Quick registration
  • The site has a search tool.
  • Standard members cannot see those who like them.
  • Members can only see the messages sent to them if both parties like each other.

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OkCupid, established in 2004, is one of the leading dating sites. After just three years, it was listed among the Top 10 dating sites in Time Magazine. The expansion of the site’s member base has been consistent over the years; therefore, there is no lack of profiles to browse through.

Even today, there is a high percentage of active users on the dating website. These users are actively swiping right or left, hoping to find a match. With the platform’s messaging features, it is easy and quick to find exciting members to interact with, flirt, and have fun.

There are over 50 million OkCupid users worldwide, with a majority of them from the United States. There is a significant percentage of users in every age bracket; however, the majority lies between 25 to 34. Most are young professionals using it in the leisure time or those looking to get a suitable date.

The dating choices include:

  • Long-term
  • Short-term
  • New friends
  • Hookups

According to our OkCupid reviews, we observed that the male members are more active in messaging than the female members.

The OkCupid website and mobile application have gone through several upgrades and updates. One colossal change they had was their messaging policy. Members can only read messages sent to them if both parties of the chat like themselves.

Continue reading the OkCupid review to learn more about the features to decide whether or not it is ideal for you.

Procedure for Creating an Account on the Site

Procedure for Creating an Account on the Site

Creating an account in OkCupid is quite simple. One has to provide some basic details such as name, location, date of birth, and email address. Registering with Facebook lets users skip this manual process of providing data; they import one’s information directly from Facebook.

However, signing up does not end there. OkCupid has some questionnaires about hobbies, personality, likes, dislikes, habits, religion, relationship desire, sexual orientation. This data presents OkCupid’s matching algorithm with better information to connect users with more compatible members.

The OkCupid test lets the dating app calculate the percentage of one’s compatibility with the suggested match. This percentage is displayed with the match suggestion on OkCupid’s roulette-type dating tool.

How to Set-Up a Comprehensive Profile?

OkCupid user’s image gallery is displayed at the topmost section of the page, accompanied by a profile summary written by the users. Most people don’t write a long paragraph in the ‘about me’ section. However, since it cannot be left blank, members can write short keywords or sentences about themselves.

Most profiles also show some of the members’ responses to questions about their match. Depending on the questions they voluntarily respond to, the profile shares their opinions on personal interests, relationships, and faith. All the profile fields have to be completed.

The original personality test measures the percentage of one’s compatibility with the other member. This percentage is shown on the search filter and Double Take function of each profile you browse. You will also see where your answers to the questions tally or differ. Other related user suggestions can be found at the bottom part of each OkCupid profile.

Can Members Look for Users Based on Interest on OkCupid?

Yes, the search tool lets users search other members using different filters, including interests.

Is the Messaging Tool Free of Charge?

Is the Messaging Tool Free of Charge?

Before OkCupid changed its messaging policy, its messaging and contacting score used to be higher. Initially, members can send and receive messages from anyone without any restrictions. Today, users can still chat, but both parties involved in the chat can see the messages they receive if they liked each other.

Following several OkCupid reviews we conducted, we discovered that the moderators changed their chat system to reduce the flow of inappropriate and unwanted messages. While the system has succeeded in dissuading creeps from sending offensive messages, it also discourages genuine members who want to interact with other members to find a compatible match.

How Will Other Users Know If You Close them on OkCupid?

If you don’t like a person, you can click the pass button. This person doesn’t see that you passed him. But, passing doesn’t mean that he or she will not appear in your matches again.

If somebody is disturbing you, you can block him. Blocking allows such a person to visit your page and prevents him from sending you messages.

OkCupid also allows its users to hide people. Hiding gives you an option not to see this person in your “Visitors” or “Browse Matches.” But, this person can visit your profile and see you in his “Browse Matches” and “Visitors.”

So, if you want to get rid of the person that stalking you, you should better delete your account.

How to Remove a Chat From the Chatlist?

Slide the particular chat to the left, and it will be deleted.

How to Discover If an OkCupid User Has Read Your Message?

The site has a read script, which indicates that a message has been read.

How to Search for Other Members on the Platform

How to Search for Other Members on the Platform

Users can search other members with the help of the search tool. Below are some of the parameters to use while looking for compatible matches”.

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age

For more accurate results, members can use the advanced filter, which includes the following:

  • Sexual orientation and preference
  • Religious beliefs
  • Height
  • Weight and etc.

How Does the OkCupid Matching System Work?

OkCupid has an algorithm that suggests members with high percentage compatibility. The compatibility score is based on the answers both participants provided in the personality quiz.

Members can also use the search tool to look for other members manually; however, the tool is more convenient to use with a desktop.

Is It Possible to Search Members in Different Cities in OkCupid?

To search for members from a different city, all you have to do is enter the city name in the location box.

How Expensive Is the Site’s Premium Features?

How Expensive Is the Site’s Premium Features?

The free services include:

  • Account registration
  • Getting match suggestions
  • Match searching
  • Contacting other members
  • Tracking favorite members
  • Use of standard search filters
  • Looking through user profiles
  • Taking part in Double Take

However, users would have to splash some cash if they wish to enjoy the website’s premium services.

A-List basic pack

Duration Cost per month Total
1 month $7.95 $7.95
3 months $6.35 $19.05
6 months $3.95 $23.70

A-List Premium Pack

Duration Cost per month Total
1 month $24.90 $24.90
3 months $22.90 $68.70
6 months $19.90 $119.40


Credits Cost per Credit Total
1 Credit $1.99 $1.99
5 Credits $1.89 $9.45
10 Credits $1.69 $16.90

Does the Platform Offer Special Features?

Does the Platform Offer Special Features?

OkCupid has many exclusive features that provide members with a complete dating experience while looking for their compatible match.

  • Double Take

This feature is the site’s matching functionality. This matching tool works like roulette, where members need to either swipe right or left to indicate interest or dislike, respectively.

  • See Who you like

Members can view users they like by navigating to the ‘Who You Like’ list located on the ‘Likes’ tab. One can freely initiate a conversation with these members, and they will who message them on the double take.

  • See Who Likes

YouOn the ‘Likes’ tab, users can see who likes them. This unique feature is only accessible to premium members.

  • Boost

Boost is an OkCupid add-on feature for highlighting profiles. A boosted OkCupid profile shows up more often on other users’ search and Double Take recommendations.

What Are the Site’s Premium Features?

  • Use of extensive search filters
  • Find out who likes you
  • Use of extensive search filters
  • Read receipts
  • Message priority
  • No ads
  • Daily auto boost

How Convenient Is It to Use the Mobile Application?

How Convenient Is It to Use the Mobile Application

OkCupid’s mobile app is ideally designed for people who want to access their accounts on-the-go. The mobile app does not provide any new functionality but does enhance user experience. Many of the functions of the app can be found at the bottom of the screen as tabs.

What’s unique about OkCupid’s mobile app is that it is easier to use Double-Take than the website. Members have to swipe right if they are interested or left if they are not.

Upon swiping right and the member’s compatibility percentage with the other user is high, a pop-up window will appear, urging them to initiate a chat. One can decide not to send any messages.

Upon enabling the app’s notification, members can easily get updated about new messages and new matches.

Other Functionalities That the Site Offer

  • OkCupid

BlogThe site also has a blog that posts tips on maximizing the dating platform and its mobile application. There are also articles about how the OkCupid app and dating site can be maximized. They also have posted essential dating advice and tips to help users get the best out of their search.

  • StacksSince

OkCupid is a dating platform with a large user base, the number of matches one gets may overwhelm. Stacks helps members to categorize these matches using the following terms effectively:

  • Online
  • Nearby
  • Recommended
  • Questions Pros
  • Those that answered a majority of Okcupid’s compatibility questions

Does the Platform Have a Good Security Measure?

Similar to most dating sites, members are expected to apply caution while using the site. Members should always be careful of potential scammers.

OkCupid has several security features in place to prevent interference and loss of information. The ‘Block’ button restricts users while the ‘Report’ button is used for laying complaints to the site administrators.

An Overview of the Site’s Privacy Policy

An Overview of the Site’s Privacy Policy

At OkCupid, members’ privacy is a priority. The site’s design and how the services were built are directed towards the privacy of its members.

OkCupid appreciates that people put their faith in them when they provide their details. And the site administrators promise not compromises the site’s privacy. OkCupid boasts experts from different fields, including security, legal, product design, engineering, and others, to ensure that no decision is taken without the members’ consent.

The site’s privacy policy focuses on being transparent in the manner users’ data are processed. This policy and related documents are written in plain language for easy comprehension. The moderators have teams committed to keeping user data protected and devising new policies to improve security.

Where does this policy apply?

This policy applies to all apps, websites, events, and other services run by OkCupid. Some of the services may have their policy; in that case, only that particular policy applies.

Information OkCupid collects

Below is a list of information that the site requires from the members:

  • During registration, the moderators need at least the members’ login credentials and other relevant information, including gender and age.
  • After the account has been created, members can provide extra information, including:
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality
  • Hobbies
  • Videos and Images

To upload videos and photos, members have to allow the site access to their photo album or camera.

In some jurisdiction, the following may constitute sensitive or unique information include:

  • Ethnic or racial origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religious beliefs
  • Upon making a purchase or subscribing to a paid service directly from OkCupid, instead of via platforms such as Android and iOS, members provide the site with their payment information. This payment information could be credit or debit card or other financial details.
  • The site also collects information when members participate in events, promotions, contests, focus groups, etc.
  • When members contact the customer support team, information is collected during the interaction.
  • The moderators also process users’ conversations with other members.
  • Some members may provide some details about other users if they contact the support team about these users.
  • When members use their social media platforms like Facebook to create an account or other purposes, the site collects this information.
  • OkCupid also collects information from the devices members use to access the services.

Cookies and Other Data-Collection Technologies

Cookies and Other Data-Collection Technologies

The website can let others use cookies and similar technologies (pixels, web beacons) for identification. Many web browsers (including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer) have a “Do Not Track” functionality (“DNT”) that informs a site that a member does not want his or her online activity monitored.

If a website responding to a DNT signal encounters a DNT signal, the web page may be blocked by the browser from collecting some information about the person using the browser. Not all browsers offer a DNT option. For this reason, the OkCupid website, as well as those of other big dating companies, do not presently respond to DNT signals.

How members’ information is used

The primary reason OkCupid uses members’ details is to provide and improve their services. Furthermore, the platform uses the details to enhance safety and provide members with ads that may interest them. Continue reading for an in-depth explanation of the several reasons the site uses people’s information.

  • To manage accounts and provide services.
  • Set up and manage account
  • Complete transactions
  • Provide customer and respond to requests
  • Inform members about the services the site provides, including billing and management
  • Track your account and provide you with our services.
  • Build and maintain an account
  • Provide customer service to you and respond to your requests
  • Complete your transactions
  • Communicate with you about our facilities, including order management and billing.
  • To help connect with other users.
  • Analyze user profiles to suggest significant matches
  • Show members’ profiles to each other
  • To ensure a regular experience across devices.
  • OkCupid links the various devices a member uses, such that they enjoy a regular experience of the site’s services on all of them. The browser data and devices are linked such that when a member logs into their account on various devices, the site recognizes and links them.

Members of rights

The administrators of the dating platform want members to be in control of their details. For this reason, they have provided them with the tools below:

  • Tools for access/update in the service
  • Deletion of account

How the site protects member’s information

How the site protects member's information

OkCupid works hard to protect users from unauthorized access to or disclosure, modification, or destruction of their details. Although safety measures’ are put in place with many technology companies, this platform does not guarantee members’ details will always remain safe.

The administrators regularly track the systems for potential vulnerabilities and attacks and periodically review data collection, storage, and processing to update our physical, organizational, and technical security measures.

OkCupid reserves the right to suspend a member’s use of part or all of the site’s services without warning. Any member who feels that their account is no longer secure can notify customer support immediately.

The site has a bug bounty program to ensure that the system and the site’s data are protected against unauthorized access, loss, or theft..

How Long Does the Site Retain Member’s Information

OkCupid holds members’ personal data for as long as they use it for genuine business purposes. To provide security to members on and off the site, the moderators implement a one-year security retention window after profile deletion. The profile data will be retained during this period, although the account will not be visible on the platform anymore.

In practice, upon removal of an account or after about two years of continuous inactivity, the moderators anonymize or delete the member’s information, unless:

  • There is an unresolved question, allegation, or dispute requiring the site to retain the vital information until it has been resolved;
  • The data must be retained for the website’s genuine business interests, such as enhancing members’ safety and fraud prevention. For instance, information may be held to prevent a member who was banned for misconduct from creating a new account.

Have it in mind that although the site’s system is configured to execute data removal processes per the guidelines above, there is no assurance that all information will be removed within a given timeframe as a result of technical constraints.

Children’s Privacy

OkCupid services are limited to users who are at least 18. The administrators neither permit minors on the platform, nor do they knowingly collect information from them. Any member who suspects that a user is under the age of 18 should notify the authorities immediately.

Privacy Policy Modifications

Since the site developers are always looking for new and creative ways to help members build meaningful commitments, this policy can change with time. Before any material changes take effect, the site will notify its members, so they can have time to review it.

Summary of Our Review of the Dating Platform

Summary of Our Review of the Dating Platform

OkCupid has gone through significant changes since its launch, which has enhanced its user experience. The platform has joined the list of the largest dating sites in terms of user base and fantastic daily engagements. Moreover, with the emergence of other casual dating platforms, OkCupid’s past reputation as a place to find hookups has utterly changed. The site is a great platform for making new friends, hookup, long-term and short-term relationships. However, according to our OkCupid review, most of the users who visit the site nowadays are either looking for short, serious, and long-term relationships.

Overall, OkCupid offers a lot compared to other dating sites.

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