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Plenty Of Fish Review: App & Site

Plenty Of Fish Review: App & Site
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 3 120 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site automatically signs you out of your account if you remain inactive for extra security.
  • It offers members free personality test to help make the matches more accurate.
  • The service's sign-up process is straightforward and free.
  • User profiles on the site are detailed enough, making it easy for you to find a compatible partner.
  • The interfaces on the Plenty Of Fish website and app are friendly and usable.
  • Free account registration opens the door to scammers, spammers, fake profiles, and prostitutes.
  • Most of the essential features on the site are available only using a premium account.

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Plenty Of Fish dating site was launched in 2003 and bore the reputation of being among the pioneer dating platforms. The site proclaims itself as the largest dating service in the world, with more than 90 million registered members. Apart from having “Plenty Of Fish,” most of the users are active, and the site reports almost 3.6 million logins daily. Out of those logins, it is estimated that there are more than 10 million conversations taking place on the site every day. But, if you are looking for dating sites, this might not be your ideal platform.

The service also boasts of facilitating the creation of over a million relationships annually. Most of the users are from the USA- about 78 million. There are also more males than females on the platform meaning the competition is stiff among men. The majority of the service’s members are aged between 25 and 34 years and respond promptly to messages.

What makes this dating service unique is the fact that it is a perfect blend of a dating site and a matchmaking service. It also allows you to access several tasks at no fee, like browsing profiles and filtering search results. However, like other dating platforms, you must upgrade to a premium account to access the best of what they have to offer.

With years of experience, positive user reviews cement the service’s status as a reputable dating platform. So, are there Plenty Of Fish on this platform? The answer is in this Plenty Of Fish Review, which sheds more light on the service. Read through to find out if it is worth your while.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-Up Process

The registration process on the Plenty Of Fish dating site is simple but takes a while. You can download the mobile app on your Android or iOS device or directly from the POF.com website to register an account. Most of the fields in the registration process are mandatory. The site demands that all users must fill a multi-section questionnaire. The questions seek answers on diverse issues concerning the new member.

It is essential to be patient and carefully fill the required fields as this information will be used by the site’s matching algorithm to find you a perfect match. There is also a 73-question chemistry test that you answer to reveal more about your personality. Most dating platforms don’t ask a lot of questions during registration.

Plenty Of Fish website takes your security seriously from the onset. The site uses anti-robot verification and does not allow users to link their social media accounts during sign up to ensure you’re a human being.

Once you’re done registering your account, you must now create a user profile that will win you your perfect match. The next section sheds some light on profile quality on the site.

Profile Quality

Most of the information on the user profiles were filled in during registration. User profiles are informative, making it easy for users to find their matches. When you visit a user profile on the Plenty Of Fish website, you’ll learn a lot about them. For instance, it reveals the kind of relationships that the user is seeking; you’ll also read their icebreakers and conversation starters.

Moreover, the profile sections don’t focus on the user only. It also reveals some information about the people around the user. You’ll learn something about their parents, siblings, and family. Another critical piece of information you’ll access on other users’ profiles is the longest time they’ve ever been in a relationship. With this information, you’ll get clues as to whether the user is a potential long term partner.

Read any Plenty Of Fish review on user-profiles. You’ll discover that even though users don’t like the lengthy creation process, they appreciate the profiles’ comprehensiveness. User profiles are not complete without a profile picture. If you are using a free account, the site restricts you to a maximum of eight pictures. If you are a premium user on the site, you can upload up to 16 profile pictures.

The site moderators monitor user activity for inappropriate behavior. If your account is found to be flouting the rules like uploading any sexual content on your profile, they’ll terminate it. To create a compelling profile, you can think along these lines:

Use appropriate profile photos. Upload photos that can help reveal more about your personality. Don’t upload photos containing children or other people. Your photo’s background must be well lit.

Your username is a vital tool for your success in online dating. Create an attractive username that will make your profile stand out from the rest. In their Plenty Of Fish reviews, some ladies revealed that they were likely to read messages from men with attractive usernames. As a man, it is imperative to use a well thought out username.

Another critical section of your profile on the site is the headline. Your headline is displayed alongside your username. Use a captivating headline to attract ladies to your profile. A compelling headline must be imaginative and fascinating. It would be best if you wrote it using simple words that are readable. When another user reads your profile, they should get the sense that you’re taking your profile seriously.

In the “About Me” section on the Plenty Of Fish website, you need to be on top of your game. The key when writing this section is to show rather than tell. Instead of telling other users that you are an adventurous person, narrate a scenario that shows you’re adventurous. Use three-quarters of the section to talk about yourself and the rest to talk about the person you’re looking for. When you’re done composing this section, proofread your text and remove spelling and grammatical errors.

In any online dating platform, your success greatly relies on your profile. Take your time and ensure you’ve created a profile that can attract other users to you. The competition for “fishes” on the site is severe; make sure you don’t limit your chances for success by creating a poor profile.

Can You Use Interest to Filter Matches on Plenty Of Fish?

Can You Use Interest to Filter Matches on Plenty Of Fish?

Plenty Of Fish allows users to search for their perfect matches themselves and offers them the option of using the site generated matches. When manually searching for a match, you can use both basic and advanced searching and filtering features. However, you cannot use members’ interests to filter the matches. It is only the site’s matching algorithm that uses your interests to provide you with possible matches daily.

Communication Features

After finding a member, you feel “the one,” the site offers excellent communication features you can use to let them know how you feel. There is a quick way to let the other user know you’re interested in them. If you receive their profiles in your daily matches, you can click the cross sign or the tick sign. When you click the tick sign, it means you like the profile.

However, a tick alone might not be sufficient in this competitive environment. Therefore, the site allows all members, their account type notwithstanding, to use the messaging functionality. Users can communicate with each other on the platform using text messages for free. Furthermore, communication is not restricted.

In some Plenty Of Fish reviews, users revealed that hearing a person’s voice makes it easy for them to determine if they are perfect for them. You can take advantage of this notion and use your phone’s microphone to record a message and send it to a user you like on the platform.

The site only allows females to send pictures to other users using private messages. They banned men from using this functionality because of cases of nudity. If you send other users messages containing banned content like spam links, offensive language, solicitations, and pornographic pictures, the site admins will block it. It will not allow you to send a copy-pasted message to avert the spread of spam messages.

How Would You Know If a Match Blocked You on Plenty Of Fish?

If another user blocks you, several indicators will help you know. First, if a user blocks you, you cannot access their profile, and your conversations will disappear. The Plenty Of Fish website will also notify you that they have deleted their account.

Can You Delete a Chat on Plenty Of Fish?

Yes. The dating service allows users to delete conversations from the platform. To delete a chat, you must navigate to the messages section of your account. From the inbox tab, you’ll see a list of all the members you’ve been in contact with. Find the username of the user with whom you had the conversation you want to delete. Then, check the checkbox on the far right of the screen. Scroll down and select the delete selected at the bottom of the screen.

Can You Know If a Plenty Of Fish User Has Read Your Message?

To know whether a user you’ve sent a message has read it, you must have a premium account. When premium users send messages to other users, when they read it, they’ll know by checking their sent messages section in their messages.

Plenty Of Fish Website Search Features

Plenty Of Fish Website Search Features

Your account type determines the search features you can access. The site offers its users both basic and advanced search features like you would find on other dating platforms. The features you can use to narrow down your search in the primary search include gender, age range, physical features, and location. You can also decide to sort the results using “Newest” to show the latest members admitted to the site.

You can also sort the list using users that were last online. It would be best if you sent messages to the newest messages. Gorgeous women usually have plenty of messages in their inboxes; therefore, if you send them a message, there is a high probability they might not read it. But if you target the newest members on the Plenty Of Fish dating site, you might get their attention before they become overwhelmed with messages. Sending messages to women who were last online ensures that you don’t waste your time trying to communicate with a rarely online member.

How Does the Matching Algorithm Work on Plenty Of Fish?

The Plenty Of Fish website and app matching algorithm uses the information users provide on their profile to find them compatible partners. Using the “Ultra Match” feature, the service provides you with a list of members that are most compatible with you.

Advice from the site’s user support and comments from Plenty Of Fish reviews by real users shows that your profile quality determines your matches’ quality. If you correctly fill in the questionnaire and personality test, the matching algorithm will have enough information to get you a perfect match.

Once you receive the list, the site also offers plenty of filtering options to help you narrow down the list. The site also uses other unique features to make it easy for you to find your best match swiftly. The special features are discussed in the following sections.

Can You Access Users From a Different City on Plenty Of Fish?

The dating service allows you to access users from around the world. To access users from a particular city, you can refine your searches using advanced searches. Under the advanced search, you state the country and zip code or city you’re interested in. However, to access this unique feature, you must have a premium account.

Plenty Of Fish Paid Vs. Free Services

Plenty Of Fish Paid Vs. Free Services

Plenty Of Fish Website and app offers users the opportunity to access the services for free or using a premium account. Even though it allows users to access some essential services using their free account, you must upgrade your account to catch the real fish. The features available to free users are meant to give you a sneak preview of what the site offers. Once you’re content that it is worth your while, they expect you to pay for the premium account. Many Plenty Of Fish reviews suggest that premium accounts are more effective.

Unique Features

Various unique functionalities make the Plenty Of Fish dating site stand out from the rest. Apart from offering the usual dating site features, the site has taken a step further to offer more innovative features. Here are some features that will improve your online dating experience on the site:

  • Chemistry Predictor: The site contains an optional section with questions that help predict your “chemistry.” The questions are categorized into chemistry, needs, psychological assessments, and keeper and sex tests. The results of these exams will help the website to locate the perfect match for you. You’ll answer up to 100 questions.
  • UltraMatch: This is a matchmaking feature the dating service uses to provide users with the most compatible members’ list. The matches are based on the data you provide on your profile.
  • Top Prospects: This unique feature provides users with a list of users they’ve communicated with for the last 30 days. The list is usually ranked by compatibility.
  • NearBy: This feature is location-based. It helps to ranks users by how close or far they are from your location-based on. The service uses information from the users’ mobile phone location services. You must turn on the location services functionality on your phone and allow the app to have access to it for it to work.
  • Meet Me: This feature allows you to browse members in your locality who want to meet. It uses a system similar to the swiping left and right system used in other dating sites. You are presented with profiles, and you click “Yes” if you would like to meet them or “No” if you don’t. If the other user also says yes, that’s a match.
  • Super Yes: This functionality allows other users to know how much a member likes them. When you use this feature, you’re highly likely to find a match, according to data from Plenty Of Fish reviews.

Premium Features

Premium features are not accessible by standard members. These are the features that enhance your experience on the site. Here are the premium features offered by the dating service:

  • You’ll get priority on the “Meet Me” feature.
  • You’ll have extended access to other users’ profiles.
  • You’ll know whether your sent messages were read.
  • Your browsing experience is not interrupted by ads.
  • The site will notify you of users that visited your profile.
  • You’re likely to receive more emails.
  • Your profile will be conspicuous in search results.
  • The site allows you to send three gifts every day.

These are the payment plans you can select from. Compared to other dating sites, the prices are fair.

Duration Costs Total
2 Months 19.35 USD / Month 38.70 USD
4 Months 12.75 USD / Month 51.00 USD
8 Months 10.18 USD / Month 81.40 USD

What About the Mobile App?

What About the Mobile App?

According to the Plenty Of Fish website data, the majority of users access the platform from the mobile app. The mobile application is available to Android and iOS users. When you read any Plenty Of Fish review on the app’s usability, many users state how they find the app to be friendly and convenient.

You’ll probably enjoy your experience more on the app than on the website. If you have reservations about the app accessing your location information, turn off your device’s location services. You can access all the functionalities available on the service’s website from mobile apps.

Additional Services

Plenty Of Fish website and app also offers users these extra features to enhance their experience.

  • Automated Decisions: This feature works behind the scenes to enhance users’ chances of finding their perfect match. Humans are not involved in the site’s decision-making process, only computers and algorithms.
  • Send Priority Message: This is a premium feature that presents your message as a top priority in the recipient’s inbox. To use the feature, turn on the “Send Priority Message Feature.”
  • Today’s Catch: The site uses this feature to highlight a member’s profile to enable more members to view it. Users can use their tokens to be the “catch of the day.”
  • Tokens: You can buy 1, 5, or 10 tokens, which can last for six months. Use these tokens to access other premium services on the platform.

Is the Plenty Of Fish Website Secure?

The Plenty Of Fish dating site has put in place measures to keep its members safe. For instance, it applies an anti-robot mechanism to ensure that bots don’t create accounts. The site does not allow users to copy and paste messages to reduce instances of spam messages. Also, the moderators monitor activity by all users and block messages containing prohibited content.

Apart from that, it also recognizes that users play a key role in their safety on the site. Therefore, they have put systems to equip the users more on how to stay safe on the site. There is a blog page on the site where users share tips on how to avoid scammers. It also allows users to block or report someone with suspicious tendencies.

Complement the efforts of the site by undertaking your own research on users before you engage them further. You can begin by conducting a Google image search for their profile pictures and check their social media. If you find any inconsistencies in their information, avoid them at all costs.

What Is the Privacy Policy?

What Is the Privacy Policy?

Plenty Of Fish website takes user privacy seriously. In their Privacy Policy, they prohibit users from sharing any sensitive information on their profiles. They also have security protocols that protect your information physically and digitally. Physical access to the location of the files is restricted to authorized staff only.

Digitally, they use firewalls and SSL encryption to protect your credit card information from hackers and malicious programs. When you read Plenty Of Fish reviews touching on privacy, most users have no privacy issues on the site.


By virtue of being in operation for several years now, this dating service has gained many users’ trust. The service has used its experience in the market to offer users unmatched features. There is a large pool of users to select from, and the users are friendly too. Members on the platform are looking for different types of relationships. If you are looking for an online dating service that has excellent features and a diverse user base to choose from, Plenty Of Fish dating site will sort you out. But if you are interested in dating sites, you might have to look further.

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