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Zoosk Review: App & Site Characteristics

Zoosk Review: App & Site Characteristics
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 3 750 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration.
  • A clear website.
  • Fair cost structure;
  • Members are amiable;
  • The service is suitable for all smartphones and tablets;
  • There is a short (1-month) beta-membership to try out.
  • Subscription model with automatic renewal;
  • The number of partner suggestions is low;
  • Customer support is hard-to-reach.

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Zoosk was launched as one of the innovative dating sites back in 2007. The founders in Silicon Valley managed to attract numerous members from more than 25 countries for their offer. But what are the chances of using the app? And what advantages can registered customers expect from the Zoosk website?

The long experience since 2007 speaks for the high level of reliability. On the one hand, many Zoosk reviews state that the number of fakes on the site is significant, and you do not get the quality you pay. However, such profiles are a big problem for many dating sites. It is only rarely possible for those responsible for establishing a secure system of verification. Zoosk considered this problem with a unique quality check. In this way, the number of fake profiles on the site is deficient, and the chances of success increase significantly.

The registration is free, so there is no financial risk before a first impression of the offer. Only then users decide whether they would like to use the premium functions to make contact with other site members easier. The Zoosk review below explains the main features you get for free, what you should pay for, and describes the site’s usability in general.

Ease of Registration and Not So Understandable Operation Process

Ease of Registration and Not So Understandable Operation Process

In contrast to the sizeable dating sites, Zoosk does not offer an advisory area on dating, love, and sex. There isn’t much to say about the operation, registration, and design of Zoosk. They are at a high level. The service is easy to use in the mobile version (apps and mobile website) and the desktop version and leaves no unanswered questions.

The design is modern and appealing. It is, therefore, fun to use. The site does not use questionnaires to determine personality. The self-determined interests of the profile seem to be decisive for the partner proposals for the SmartDate. Of course, interests allow other people to find out more about you and understand whether your values match. Zoosk reviews state that the manual selection of interests turns out to be a small obstacle.

You will not find all the interests you would like to mention in the search base. Less popular works or hobbies are unavailable. You can import interests from Facebook, and this one is a more practical variant.

Profile Set-Up: The Necessary Steps and Information to Provide

Zoosk relies on your Facebook profile to help you find the right person through a sophisticated affinity system. This integration with Facebook allowed it to reach as many people as possible quickly, which explains these fairly impressive attendance numbers.

Signing up on Zoosk is free, and you can do it with a few clicks, through Facebook or directly on the relevant apps. You will then have to fill in the few lines of the form to have a free account. Provide data about your name, age, gender, orientation, email address, and zip code. Confirm your identity by tapping the link sent to you in an email letter. Unless you validate the account using the verification code in a letter, you won’t be able to browse it.

Are There Interest-Based Filters for Searching Users on Zoosk?

After the account creation, it is time to fill out the profile. You should provide various details if you wish to receive accurate matches. The search system uses the data stated in the profile description. You can apply filters to the Zoosk search:

  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Body type;
  • Gender;
  • Your purpose on the site;
  • Interests.

To make your chances to meet a decent partner higher, you should add photos, interests and link your Twitter or Facebook to the dating service. This step allows you to get more personalized matches and synchronize interests from other social networks.

Messaging Facilities, Lifehacks and Filters for Faster Use

Messaging Facilities, Lifehacks and Filters for Faster Use

Zoosk’s response rate is at a very high level even though messaging is available to the paying users only. Free users can only send flirtations and wait for the premium members to contact them first. All users can purchase e-gifts for real money and send them to the users they find attractive. If the receiver is a paying user, they will notice you and write first.

Therefore, messaging facilities on Zoosk are limited. Free users will have trouble getting in touch with others. For those who pay for the advanced subscription, there is an instant messenger available for chatting. You cannot search messages in the conversation history or manually filter dialogues. The most recent ones appear on top of the conversations list. Those dialogues that contain unread messages from others have a unique mark that attracts your attention and encourages you to respond.

You can also see your message requests in a separate section of your main profile.

How Do You Know That a Zoosk Match Has Rejected You?

Paying users can see the list of people who like them. Free users cannot find out who visited their profile, whether people have seen their likes or rejected their message. If you have sent a smile to a user and did not receive an answer, most probably, they are not interested in being matched to you.

How Do You Delete or Archive a Chat?

Open your account setting and tap the “Remove Profile Connection.” This action will delete your conversation with a person and undo your match. You can also delete the chat immediately inside the instant messenger. Tap the profile icon of another member on the top right corner and click on the “Clear the conversation history.”

How to Know That a Zoosk User Has Read a Message?

Upgraded users receive a notification when the user opens their message. If you browse the Zoosk website for free, you can not find out when your message was opened.

The Arrangement of the Member Search

The member base on Zoosk is significant and active. The proportion of female users is relatively high, at around 42%. This ratio generally increases the chances of a successful match for men. Almost all users are less than 45 years old, with the target group being 25 to 32-year-olds. The focus is not only on casual dating, as is the case with many other sites.

The user search function provides the user with profiles that match the set criteria and browse them. The search result navigation can happen via swiping left or right (desktop: click the forward or back button) as on Tinder or any other dating sites. You can quickly jump back and forth between the suggestions. The actions of swiping right (liking the person) or left (rejecting them) are undoable. Once you make your choice, there is no coming back.

You can also browse people from the “Now online” section and apply filters to weed them out.

What Are the Main Principles of the Zoosk Matching?

Zoosk has scored in the area of user-friendliness and matching. Of course, good results in design and handling attract positive attention from the users. Zoosk combines functional and playful elements. It not only delivers fair results, but it is also fun. Special matching functions are the “SmartDate” (self-learning system with an intelligent matching algorithm) and the “Insights” (informative information about one’s flirting behavior). The dating service functions are very innovative, but there is a point deduction because the number of partner suggestions is relatively small.

Is the Global Search Available on Zoosk?

All users are free to browse people outside their region. You can set any country or city as a search preference and receive matches from one of the 25 countries where Zoosk operates.

Costs and Prices for the Matching, Messaging, and Browsing

Costs and Prices for the Matching, Messaging, and Browsing

There are different ways to activate all functions on Zoosk. On the one hand, the provider presents different subscriptions and various paying periods. Depending on the term of the membership, the monthly fee changes significantly. Those who opt for a registration period of 12 months have the cheapest tariff.

However, Zoosk users can enjoy all functions not by subscribing to the site and paying regularly. The site also has its currency system. If you want to pay for individual services and functions, you should purchase coins. These packages also come in different sizes, which means that the tariff fluctuates accordingly. With prices of up to 0.11 USD per coin, this is an offer that is still in the appropriate range.

Unfortunately, Zoosk seldom provides the opportunity to enjoy a bonus. As a rule, those are seasonal discounts on the coins that users can purchase to activate various features. However, an ongoing campaign aimed at making the registration even more attractive for new users is present. If you register on the site, you get the first trial month for free and then purchase a subscription.

Subscription costs:

  • One month for $ 29.99;
  • Three months for $ 59.99;
  • Six months for $ 74.99.

Zoosk Credit prices:

  • 180 Coins for $ 0.11/Coin ($ 19.99);
  • 480 Coins for $ 0.08/Coin ($ 39.99).

Special Features That You Get as a User

Special Features That You Get as a User

“Carousel” function

The carousel is an essential function of Zoosk when it comes to dating. You get a carousel with profiles from the search results matching your requirements. In the carousel, you see a user profile picture of another member under the question, “Would you like to meet them?”. Now the user taps on “no,” “yes and no,” or “yes.” For every “no,” and “yes,” “yes and no,” your account grows by one coin. So this is how you can earn coins.

Zoosk remembers which member is eligible for a date. If one of these members also votes positively in their carousel, a match appears. You can now contact each other. The function is fun and easily accessible on the go (e.g., in line at the supermarket). Of course, the focus here is only on the members’ appearance, and you cannot find out the character traits.

“SmartDate” function

SmartDate is the real heart of Zoosk. SmartDate is an algorithm developed by Zoosk that learns independently. Similar to other dating agencies’ working principles, this algorithm compares the interests and personality traits of the users and introduces suitable members to each other. According to Zoosk, these people should be a good match and find each other attractive.

In contrast to conventional online dating agencies, however, a questionnaire is not determining your personality profile at Zoosk. The SmartDate suggests profiles to the user based on their previous Zoosk usage. That method is unique. The site obtains the information from the profile details (updates), from the approval or rejection of SmartDate proposals, and SmartDate surveys.

Using this function means you will receive automatic partner suggestions with irregular intervals. If the user says “yes” within 24 hours and the other side has decided the same, a match will ensue. If a profile is rejected, the answer remains anonymous.

Free Features and Those You Should Pay for

Free Features and Those You Should Pay for

The decisive factor for many dating site users is the structure of the costs. On Zoosk, you get a free trial period to look at the main functions and decide concerning the membership purchase. In this way, registration does not lead to any risk and offers valuable insight into the service’s performance. However, free members will soon have their hands tied, especially when it comes to establishing contact. The essential functions you will need to get in touch with exciting users are available only for a fee.

The features you get for free:

  • Registration;
  • First trial month;
  • Sending likes and smiles;
  • Responding to messages;
  • Carousel feature.

The Zoosk features you should pay for:

  • Message initiation
  • Incognito mode
  • Sending gifts
  • Viewing the list of people who like or visited your profile

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility to cancel the premium membership online.

Mobile Applications Ratings, Features and Interface

Mobile Applications Ratings, Features and Interface

The mobile version of the Zoosk website for mobile devices works excellent. Searching for a partner is fun from a smartphone, cell phone, or tablet. If you have a smartphone, we strongly recommend that you use the corresponding Zoosk app. Apart from the profile information, the app is suitable for everyday use and practical.

The positive Zoosk reviews in the App Store indicate the quality of the program. Those responsible have succeeded in summarizing the multitude of functions in a very compact manner and providing a suitable overview of the range. Short loading times also contribute to the fact that the user-friendliness is rated accordingly high. Users have the opportunity to purchase the individual premium membership offers as in-app purchases. You can initiate payments comfortably and securely.

In addition to the app, Zoosk provides its users with a mobile website. It also has an adapted display to meet the requirements of smartphones and tablets. You do not need to download any software beforehand to take advantage of the mobile offer.

Other Functions That the Site Offers

Other Functions That the Site Offers

Zoosk design and usability are top-notch. The mobile suitability for cell phones and tablets is beyond question and is fun. However, the sleek interface and modern design would not be useful without unique features.

“Gifts” function

If you feel an interest in a member, you can give them digital gifs. In this way, the member will notice your profile, and you may start a conversation. You can purchase gifts for coins.

“Extras” function

If you want, you can also use the coins you have earned to increase your profile visibility. For this purpose, the user can purchase “extras.” The system will show your profile to other members more often and place it more prominently. This action may result in more contacts. According to Zoosk, three times more profile views can be generated in this way.

“Mega Flirt” function

This function is free and intends to increase the number of contacts. The user selects a pre-made message, and Zoosk sends a chat request to members in the user’s area and age range. You can use “Mega Flirt” only once a day if you are a free member.

“Insights” function

Optimize your flirting behavior. This Zoosk function is unique in the industry and provides exciting insights into one’s flirting behavior. It can help you to understand better yourself and the way you approach potential flirt partners. For example, if the user learns that they prefer a specific type of flirt as a partner, they can narrow down their search accordingly. Or they can address their contacts in a more targeted manner.

The user also learns which flirt type is interested in them. Ideally, this type of flirt would, of course, coincide with the first. But not always it happens so that people find their perfect soulmates. If you manage to understand your unique way of flirting and find a personal approach to another user, your relationship may be a success. Using “Insights,” the user can work specifically to ensure that others perceive them differently, for example. With constant control and learning new skills, you can step up your matching game. This function is still theoretical more than a practical method to get more matches. But you can guess what benefits it can bring sooner or later.

Customer Support and Security Measures Implemented by the Team

Customer Support and Security Measures Implemented by the Team

The site provides extensive FAQs that answer most problems and questions. Nevertheless, a proper Zoosk review includes practical testing of customer service and contact options. The contact options already provide information about the quality of customer service.

Zoosk gets a plus point for providing telephone customer service. This user-friendliness and openness are exemplary and, unfortunately, not common in the industry. When you contact the support line, you will have to wait to talk to a real person. If you want to speed up the process, and not waste your time, fill in the support form.

If you experience a sudden threat from a user, you can always undo the connection with them, clear the chat, and report it to the security team.

Privacy Policy and Main Terms of Use

Zoosk’s primary advantage is its partnership with Facebook, which allows it to suggest members to you based on your tastes, preferences, and likes. However, by linking your Facebook account to Zoosk, you give that site access to your information, and worse, you allow it to dig into your contacts to advertise happily. The level of anonymity decreases significantly in this case.

In addition to seeing the profiles of your friends in your dating suggestions (and they will see yours), your acquaintances could receive messages like “Camille uses Zoosk, come join her!” or other similar inducements. For those who want to keep their dating history private, this dating site approach will be inappropriate.

Apart from this main inconvenience, it would help if you remembered that the site relies on its members’ quality, with controlled profiles and deletion of inactive profiles after six months. This caution is a good point. Your chances of browsing inexistent profiles of inactive users are minimal.

Conclusion About the Site’s Effectiveness and Member Base

Conclusion About the Site’s Effectiveness and Member Base

Overall, the advantages that you will discover on Zoosk outweigh the negative points. It is a broad offer suitable for singles up to the age of about 40 years. Furthermore, Zoosk provides a fair cost structure. Without a premium account, however, it is not possible to get in touch with other singles. Due to the good chances of success and various outstanding features, it makes sense to purchase a premium membership. In this case, you know that you pay for the quality and years of experience.

The practical Zoosk reviews show that this dating service’s response rate is in an exceptionally high range. Users do not have to pass lengthy registration tests or fill out many description forms. The site learns your preferences itself, and the intelligent algorithms serve you matches on a silver plate. The more users you swipe, the more accurate matches you will receive. In general, Zoosk is a quality dating platform with many unique features that seems to be one of the most reputable dating sites.

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