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SilverDaddies Review 2022: App & Site

SilverDaddies Review 2022: App & Site
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 61%
Popular Age 35-70
Profiles 720 000
Reply Rate 56%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Exclusive platform with like-minded users: The website is a niche dating website. A niche dating website's success solely depends upon its capability to attract the right type of users on its platform. And SilverDaddies has efficiently attracted gay men who are more inclined towards finding a mature and older gay partner.
  • Extremely gay-friendly ambiance: The website has a gay-friendly environment that does not restrict the users on any level. Most of the users on this platform do not hesitate in flaunting their bare bodies, and the website also does not restrict them by allowing them to post explicit and nude content on the profile.
  • Free to join: The platform allows any gay man interested in dating an older man to join the platform for absolutely free as long as they are over 18 years. Aside from joining for free, there are multiple free features on the website that make your overall experience worthwhile and enjoyable.
  • Galleries of daddies: This section contains the featured explicit images of older gay members on the website.
  • Galleries of admirers: Just like the galleries of daddies, this section contains the picture gallery of the users who are younger and known as "admirers" on the website.
  • Verified accounts: Another reason for the gay men who love mature older men and intend to have some steamy fun with them to join SilverDaddies is that the website requires its users to verify their email account. It implies that the platform users are active and genuine, looking for a partner and not fake ones.
  • Free messaging: The best part about this explicit and exclusive gay dating website is that it allows its free users to send and receive messages for absolutely free. While most mainstream online dating websites restrict its free users from establishing contact with other members on the website, it is quite rare to find a niche dating website that allows its users to access the messaging services for free of cost.
  • Not a very colossal member-base: One of the significant drawbacks of this excellent website is that it does not have a massive user-base. The reason behind a fewer number of users on the platform is the kind of services it provides and its target market. The platform targets a very specific sub-niche of the gay community. Therefore the number of users on the website remains very low even though it is almost TWO decades older.
  • Extremely outdated design: The website's design and layout are ancient and have not received any major up-gradation of renovation since its launch. While young and dynamic users may find it very old looking, the older and less tech-savvy users find it easier to use.
  • No Android mobile app: Another downside involved with the website is that it does not have a mobile app for the Android device users to access the platform's services on the go.

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SilverDaddies is one of a kind and a unique online dating platform explicitly meant for gay men who love and admire older gay men. The platform only provides its services to the gay community.

Some people have very distinctive sexual and dating preferences, and they may not be comfortable being loud about this. One such sexual preference exists in the gay community, which revolves around older gay men fetish and fantasy. This very peculiar dating preference is not very common among the gay community itself. Therefore it is tough finding an online dating website that can provide specific assortments of services and features designed exclusively to cater to the dating needs of gay men who prefer older gay men for themselves and vice versa. While there are many online dating platforms and websites tailored for gay men, only a handful of them are explicitly designed to cater to the dating requirements of gay men who desire an older man for themselves. However, the fortune worked in favor of men with such unique fantasies. A gay man from Denmark with similar preferences decided to create a website that explicitly serves gay men with this odd and peculiar set of desires.

To understand what kind of services SilverDaddies provide, you will have to understand the term “silver daddy” means. The term is pretty popular in the gay community, and an older gay man with silver hair on head/ body is referred to as “silver daddy.” There are some other popular terms as well that is used to refer to this category of gay men, including silver fox, daddy, senior, sugar daddy, etc. As the name suggests, the SilverDaddies website is a very explicit and exclusive online dating platform that is strictly designed and created for gay men looking for an older gay partner or who themselves are older gay men.

The website’s launch’s exact date is unknown, but a few SilverDaddies reviews tell that the platform began functioning somewhere in the early 2000s. And the platform does not have a massive user-base since the website is designed for a particular audience of the gay community with particular and unique preferences. There are more than 125 thousand user profiles on the website, but a smaller user count does not mean an inactive user base. At any given moment, you can easily find thousands of gay men online looking for a preferred gay match.

Anyone over 18 can register on the website for absolutely free, and since the website is meant for older gay men, there is no upper age limit to join the website. The website receives most of its traffic from Europe and the United States, with most users over 50. Any gay man can join this platform irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, race, or age. Stay with this SilverDaddies review until the end to know more about the website, its advantages and drawbacks, user structure, and some prominent features.

How to Get Registered on This Website?

How to Get Registered on This Website?

Registering on the website is free, and it does not take more than a couple of minutes to complete the signup process. To register on the website, log on to the website, go to the “New Profile/Join” button, and verify that you are not a robot by checking the box and solving the image puzzles, and clicking on the “I agree to the User Terms & Conditions” button. On the next page, provide the following details:

  • Select a username that goes with your person; however, try not to disclose your real identity.
  • Select a strong and complex password of your choice.
  • Provide an active email address.
  • Provide your name. However, it is not mandatory to provide your name on the website. If you provide your name, your real name will display on your profile in place of your username.
  • Provide your birthdate. You must be at least 18 years or above to register on the website.
  • Provide your height; you can enter your height in feet or centimeters.
  • Enter your weight in kilograms or pounds.
  • Enter your sexual position (i.e., on top, bottom, oral receiving, oral giving)
  • If you are partnered?
  • Enter your city
  • Provide your zip/ postal
  • Provide your state/ province
  • Country of your residence
  • What kind of relationship you seek (i.e., sex partner, date, relationship, friends, or couples)?
  • Enter the preferred age range of your prospective matches
  • Upload a profile picture (there is no censorship on the profile pictures, and most of the users upload explicit and NSFW pictures)
  • Choose if you would like to keep your profile active; allowing this option will allow your profile to remain open and searchable by other users.
  • Choose if you would like to get notifications for new messages on the email address you provide.
  • Choose the auto-login option to keep your account logged in on a device.

Once you provide all the information stated above, you will be redirected to the next page to allow the website to detect your location. Verifying your email address is mandatory, and you cannot access the platform’s services without verifying your email address. You can add multiple explicit and uncensored pictures on your account, aside from a profile picture.

Is It Easy to Set Up a User Profile?

Is It Easy to Set Up a User Profile?

Setting up the user profile is very effortless and quick. You can set-up your profile right after registering on the website in less than a couple of minutes. The website’s user profiles are very well detailed, and the platform also allows you to manually search for the users using extensive search parameters for free of cost. On a user’s profile page, you can see the following details of the profile owner:

  • Username/ real name of the member
  • Age of the user
  • Height of the user
  • Weight of the user
  • Sexual preference of the user
  • City of the user with zip code
  • Type of the relationship a user is seeking
  • Preferred age range
  • User’s profile bio

You can also send a direct message to the user from their profile page for absolutely free.

Can You Sort Users in Relevance of Interests on SilverDaddies?

The website does not allow its members to sort the users in relevance to their interests; however, you can use other search filter parameters to find the most preferred partner.

Messaging Services of This Platform

The messaging services on SilverDaddies are available to every member irrespective of their type of membership, i.e., the free users can also use the messaging services and interact with other members on the website. However, a free member can send only a limited number of messages in a day, while there is no such limit for a premium user.

You can also join the group chat on the website, but the new users can use it 24 hours after joining the platform. The website also allows you to use the cam chat (video chat) feature, but only after you upgrade your membership to premium.

How to Know If a Member Removes You From Their Matches on SilverDaddies?

So far, there is no particular or specific way of knowing if a user has blocked you on the website.

Can You Delete Chats on the Website?

You can quickly delete the chats on SilverDaddies; all you have to do is open the chat you want to delete and locate the delete button on the top right side of the chat, and your chat will be gone for good.

Do You Get Read Receipts for the Messages You Sent on SilverDaddies?

Do You Get Read Receipts for the Messages You Sent on SilverDaddies?

The website does not send you read-receipts for the read messages, and the only way for you to know if the receiver has read your message is to get a reply for them.

How to Search for Members?

The SilverDaddies website has a comprehensive search tool that is available to every user for free of cost. Any user, irrespective of the type of their members, can access this tool and use it to narrow down their search results more efficiently. You can search for a preferred user profile by using the following search filter parameters:

Age of the user

  • Height of the user
  • Weight of the user
  • Sexual preference of the user
  • Partner status of the user
  • Zip/ postal code of the user’s location
  • City/ province/ country of user’s residence
  • The type of relationship the user seeks on the platform.
  • Profile name/ username
  • Profile text matching
  • Other filters, including profile text, profile picture, online user, etc.

How Do Matching Algorithms Work on SilverDaddies?

The matching algorithm on the website does not work automatically; instead, it allows users to set their preferences in different regards to search for the most preferred user profiles. You can also view the features profiles and new users’ profiles on your screen’s right side.

Can You Switch Your Search Location on SilverDaddies?

SilverDaddies reviews tell that there is no such option to toggle your location on the website to look for matches away from your current location. However, if you want to search for the users in a specific city, then you can enter the city details in the search tool to find the most suitable user profile.

Premium Membership Costs and Prices

Premium Membership Costs and Prices

The premium membership on SilverDaddies website is known as support. And you can send support to the website by subscribing to any of the following plans:

Duration Cost
Three months 15 USD
Six months 30 USD
Nine months 40 USD
One year 50 USD

SilverDaddies reviews from its existing and former users indicate that there are several benefits of upgrading your membership. It also lets you use the website to its full potential and extent.

You can pay for your purchase on the website through Visa, MasterCard, JCB, or Discover Card. The transaction for the same will appear as “CCBill” on your statement.

Distinctive Features of This Dating Website

The website has a wide assortment of various interactive and entertaining features on the platform. Some of the prominent and exclusive features of the website are as follows:

  • Travelers section: The traveler’s section allows you to see the user planning on visiting your location. You can make an early move to meet them and have some fun with them while in your city! The feature also allows you to update your travel location and schedules to find a local buddy during your stay.
  • The marketplace: This feature is the porn section of the SilverDaddies website, where you can purchase porn movies from different categories, including MatureGayDVDs, DaddySStrokes, Older4me. And if you want to see older men in action with young girls, there is also a section called PleasingDaddy.
  • News section: Under the News section of the website, you can find the important notices, news, and announcements related to the SilverDaddies website.
  • Groupchat/ cam chat: This feature allows you to participate in group chat with other online members on the website by sending and receiving text messages. The cam chat feature is the video calling feature of the website.
  • Galleries: this feature allows you to browse through the featured pictures of the users on the website. There are TWO galleries on the website viz — galleries of Daddies & Galleries of Admirers. The Galleries of Daddies contain uncensored and explicit pictures of older gay men. In contrast, the Galleries of Admirers contain the featured uncensored pictures of the daddies’ admirers, i.e., younger gay men.
Paid Features You Can Access as Registered Member

Just like any other dating website, there are certain perks of upgrading your membership on the SilverDaddies website as well. However, the website provides plenty of useful and interactive features to its free users too. Free users can also quickly get a partner without bothering to pay for a premium membership. However, there are a few exclusive and valuable features that can only be accessed by the premium members, such as:

  • You can view the name/ username of the members who visited your profile and their age, state, country, and how long ago they visited your profile.
  • Add users to your favorites list to easily access their profiles from a list.
  • You can see when your favorite users are online.
  • You can also see when your favorite users logged in with the time of their login.
  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages to the users
  • Access the videos and pictures a user has added to his profile
  • Access the light version of the website that hides the website logo and uncensored pictures to access it.

Mobile App of the Platform: Is It Efficient?

The website has developed an app for its iOS device users to download and access free. However, there is no app for any other platform, including the Android devices, and the users have to rely on the website to access the SilverDaddies services on the phone solely.

Additional Outstanding Features of the Platform

Aside from all the features stated above, the website keeps flashing the latest logins on the lower-left corner of the web page with the members’ name; you can directly access the user profile from this list. You can also see the number of total profiles on the website at the top of the page under the SilverDaddies logo. Right next to the number of total profiles, you can see the number of online users; you can also see the list of online users’ profiles from here.

Safety & Security Standard of the Website

Most of the SilverDaddies reviews indicate that the website has a safe and secure dating platform that keeps all the scammers and hackers at bay by continually monitoring the users’ activities on the website. They also employ the best in class technologies and services to ensure the safety and security of SilverDaddies.

User Privacy Steps Taken by the Platform

User Privacy Steps Taken by the Platform

SilverDaddies reviews tell that the website highly prioritizes the privacy of its users. Therefore they allow its users to hide their real name and identity and display their username instead. SilverDaddies uses SSL servers to carry out the transactions. SSL servers encrypt the data to protect it from hackers.

Final Verdict of This Detailed Review

SilverDaddies is a unique platform exceptionally crafted for the gay community’s sub-niche that adores mature and older gay men. The website has many useful free and premium features that assist its users in finding a compatible partner effortlessly. SilverDaddies reviews and user testimonies suggest that the platform has very few users, but it still provides high-level services and customer satisfaction. SilverDaddies specifically caters to the dating needs of the gay community around the world.

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